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Hello all dear Steemit's friends.

In this post I still talk about Happiness, in fact this is the sequel to "I wanna my daily dose of happiness" , in which I focused on the last point, the 14th "Make Happiness your number 1 priority", giving it the right value in everyday life.
Now we need to find out what the other points are.
According the researcher Michael Fordyce, people can learn to be more prone to Happiness, drawing up a list of 14 points.
It's a training approach called the "Fourteen Fundamentals" and Fordyce argued most people could develop those characteristics for themselves. Fordyce's studies, from 1972 to 2000, focused on identifying aspects that happy people have in common and that can therefore be "learned" by everyone.
According to the author, people have difficulty defining happiness, often thinking of it as an abstract concept and consequently difficult to reach.
Fordyce instead considers it a conscious experience, a real state of mind that would reside in the limbic system -an area of the brain-. It's therefore possible to experience happiness starting from a cognitive-behavioral approach to learn happiness and thus encourage and increase the quality of life.


At this point it's time to learn more about the Fourteen Fundamentals.

  1. Be more active and keep busy. Devote yourself in pleasant activities, investing energy in new experiences, it
    increases positive feelings.
  2. Spend more time socializing. The most satisfied and happy people have a good social life.
  3. Be productive at meaningful work. Engaging in meaningful and productive activities trying to reach
    personal goals promote personal satisfaction;
  4. Get better organized and plan things out. As personal efficiency helps satisfaction, try to better organize the daily tasks, both short and long-term and not "procrastinating".
  5. Stop worrying. That is, to analyze the usefulness of our concerns well and questioning them, to devote more time to taking action to be happy;
  6. Lower your expectations and aspirations. Those hardly feasible or unrealistic lead to frustration and disappointment, on the contrary, look for those that are most suitable for our resources and potential, thereby making them more likely to be realized, favoring satisfaction and happiness;
  7. Develop positive optimistic thinking. Positive thinking and optimism invite you to get involved and take action,
    thus favoring the possibility of realizing one's own goals;
  8. Get present orientated. Thinking too much about the past or the future, both positively and negatively, move away from our present resources by limiting satisfaction, instead learn to be more on the here and now, helping for example with meditation;
  9. Work on a healthy personality. Accept ourselves for what we are, both with merits and with defects and in case working on aspects that don't satisfy us, this favors a good self-image.
  10. Develop an outgoing, social personality. Spend a lot of social relationships and meet people that reinforce us positively, helping one's self-esteem
  11. Be yourself. Be authentic and not "change" to please others, this generates anxiety in interpersonal relationships, change occurs only if we really desire it for ourselves;
  12. Eliminate negative feelings and problems. This is perhaps the most difficult point to tackle alone, in particularly difficult cases, a psychological path can be followed.
  13. Close relationships are the #1 source of happiness. A healthy relationship is based on pleasure and not on the need to fill an emotional state, which would only create a dependency on the other.
  14. The "secret fundamental": put happiness in 1 place: it's the prerequisite for trying to improve one's quality of life and achieve happiness.
    The change is possible and concrete, even if often conditions and situations complicate the achievement of happiness
    or hinder personal satisfaction and well-being.
    But somewhere we have to start, just from very concrete things and small daily action: we can dedicate ourselves to what we like, increase our relationships, think positive to act, and more.
    Because even an unexpected smile can positively change our day. Let's make sure that every day we take a little step to feel good.

Thanks a lot for reading, I hope my words are useful.



  • Fordyce, M.W. Journal of Counseling Psycology, 30:483-498. A program to increase happiness: Further studies. Read more.
  • Fourteen Fundamentals Read more.

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