Time to look Forth

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It's again the last day of the year and time for me to reflect a big on 2019 and look forth to what's ahead. Usually I write something along the lines of "I had my ups and downs this year and that overall I can look back and say it was a good year". Well, I can't really say that for 2019. I don't really want to get into full detail, but the highlight of the year was, when I graduated in January (as I teased last year), it was pretty much all went just downhill from there.

OK, I'm exaggerating, but the beginning of the year was indeed the best part and afterwards I had more low periods than I had high periods. Speaking of ups and downs: last year I wrote, that I wanted to lose weight (just like the year before) and I actually managed to :) At my best, I lost around 14kg, compared to the beginning of the year. During the last two months (and in particular over Christmas), I managed to regain a lot of weight and now I guess that now I'm only down around 7kg. Not as good as it was, but still much better than last year. In the process of losing weight, I also did a lot of sports and now I'm much, much fitter than I was just a year ago. This is a good foundation for next year and I will continue to do sports and lose weight, another 14kg from what I have now would be ideal.

What else can I say about 2019? Last year I wrote that 2018 was a transition year, well then I guess that 2019 was an accumulation year: even though the year itself wasn't that great for me, I have the feeling that a lot of groundwork for a bright future was laid. I got a new job and I moved into a new flat, I'm ready to take off in 2020 :D

Well, it can only get better in 2020 and in the next decade in general, and I'm looking forward to that :)

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