Back from Beas Kund

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Still on the way back from an awesome trip to Beas Kund. Beas kund is located near Dhundhi above Solang valley of Manali.

1st base camp

Its an awesome 3 days trek from delhi. can be covered in a long weekend very wisely.

2nd base camp

Its total around 10 kms can be covered to and fro in 2 days.


Beas kund is a place whose depth is still unmeasured. Locals claim that many people tried here but nobody was able to . even a few people lost their lives for this.


During the trek you have to cross the river many times. which adds more to adventure.


Most of the road is filled with stones only and you will be covering the entire trek jumping over these large stones and similarly jumping 2 peaks

i will share more in my upcoming post till then

keep loving @indiantraveller

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Awesome 🤗🤗

I've always wanted to visit Beas Kund. So jealous of you 😜.

Great pictures 👍