Pride and Wantings

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The year is about to end and last night around 2 am i laid back ans thought for we all know what that time really is.

"Reflect your life time".

So as i reflected back on the entire year, aside from the beautiful memories that I gained, i could not help but see how wrong i was at many a times but never admitted it because my pride didn't allow me so.
Seeing how those situations could have been handled with a bit more grace and could have been thought upon rather than rushing into making decisions or just lashing out on people.

False Pride

I realised how immature and ignorant i was at times when had i just stopped and pondered some thought into it, the situation was nothing but a miniscule matter at hand but i did not. Rather lashed out in a fury or failing to admit it was my fault, forced the other individual to accept my viewpoint.
There were times when things got of hand simply because i had lost my cool which could have been otherwise dealt easily rather instead of getting abusive and vulgur, a normal and decent conversation could have sufficed in a better way.
I guess it was my girlfriend and my close ones who actually made me realize all these flaws in me and now since i have come face to face with them, in the words of Tyrion Lannister-
"Embrace your weakness and wear it like an armour"

Embrace your flaws

I shall too do that same will definitely work upon these wantings and hope to become a better person in the upcoming time.
Nevertheless, the year is about to end and i think i have become a better man than i was, so Kudos to that.
Happy new year to everyone.
Hope you too overcome your fears and flaws.

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