Man, with today's graphics cards prices? Just buy a gaming laptop - it's cheaper than a desktop... OR IS IT? - part 3 mid-range gaming laptops (4100 PLN/900€)

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mid range małpa.png

Back in 2018 when 800€ laptops with RTX graphics cards first showed up, everyone thought that in 2-3 years, real-time ray-tracing will become mainstream, and it will be difficult to find a 500€ laptop without an RTX card.

As we all know, right now finding any tech from 2018 at the manufacturer's recommended retail price is a miracle, so 900€ for a laptop with RTX 2060 Mobile Max Q is a great deal!

Topcomp Legion.PNG

For around 4100 PLN/900€ we are not spoiled for choice, but we can get for example this Lenovo Legion - in many ways similar to the one from part 2, with the only major upgrade being the graphics card.

So let's see what desktop tower can we build for around 3550 PLN (as we will once again re-use the monitor and peripherals from Part 1, which add up to 550 PLN).

Morele dual channel.PNG

Just like in Part 1 - without cutting any corners - we should get a fast M.2 NVME SSD, RAM in dual channel, a case with decent fan and airflow from a reputable manufacturer, and a power supply with an 80+ certificate.

RTX 2060 dual Saturn.PNG

Add a graphics card from a reputable store for just under 2100 PLN and we are all set.

For the same price, we get a desktop with a marginally slower processor and a much faster graphics card (as expected from comparing the desktop variant to the mobile max q variant of the same graphics card).

So once again I would call this a tie.

Will this trend continue? Is graphics card shortage more severe with top-of-the-line cards (as cryptocurrency miners prefer high-end GPUs)? Is it possible to get a more powerful laptop for the same price at all? Stay tuned for final part 4 to find out 😉