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RE: Introducing the Steemit Harvey Relief Fund

Great idea and initiative! Wish the best in these continued efforts of giving.

The plan is to take the liquid funds raised from this initial 7 day payout and present a check to the Houston Hurricane Relief Fund.

What is the plan with the non-liquid rewards? and Why wasn't this mentioned?


Rockport, Nueces County and Aransas county direct relief efforts. After the initial 7 days, all efforts will be focused on the "ground zero". By next week, I will be in Corpus Christi on the ground.

All efforts after the first 7 day payout will be used to directly help and assist the citizens of Aransas & Nueces Counties which is home to Corpus Christi and Rockport. These smaller towns don't have the same infrastructure or economy as Houston, so they are often last in line for federal assistance.

what will you be doing with the non liquid rewards ? - great initiative! This has my full support @harveyrelieffund.

All non-liquid and post 7 day payouts will be used to directly assist those in Aransas and Nueces County. That's the area where our efforts will make the greatest difference.

So the account will be powered down and used to additional funding if understood correctly. Great to hear and thank you for adding this information for more understanding.

can you tell me how can I raise my upvote up to 0.4$ please? @harveyrelieffund

I think you would need over 2000sp.

Good question, proper answer, and I agree - Fully supported.

are they really going to do it?! I doubt, what a proof they are legit and trustable ?

Same here!!! I agree! No doubt!!

I was impressed to help him
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you are good person if you help others

@thejohalfiles Just wanted to say thank you for your support here and in other places on steem!

Thank you brother, hope you have been well.

Namaste :)

months i have tried so hard to chat with you but i know how busy you are, is there somewhere else to find you @thejohalfiles ?

@oluwoleolaide cordinator of @steem-lagos Nigeria!

@thejohalfiles I also would like to thank you for your support!

wow ... you are doing an amazing work indeed. i can imagine the joy and relief it would bring to the affected community. You have my support on this and i look forward to get progress report when you do carry on this benevolence gesture.

yeah right