Hashgard airdrop is live, feel free to join

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Hey community! There are Tom, Frank and Charlie from Hashgard saying hi to everybody on top of the sweet airdrop which was announced today!

Hashgard is a distributed and trusted asset management protocol and the vertical public chain of the next-generation digital finance industry. It will provide a one-stop blockchain solution for a wide range of financial services, empowering outstanding individuals such as fund managers, product managers, traders, investment managers, and risk control managers to connect with each other on blockchain to create a variety of high-quality financial products. At the same time, they can provide convenient, secure, and credible financial services for users around the world.

• Token Name: GARD (ERC20)
• ICO price: No private placement, no public offering, tokens can be obtained through airdrop and bounty
• Total supply: 100,000,000,000 GARD

What is known to the moment on airdrops and bounty (collected admin answers): http://telegra.ph/What-we-know-at-the-moment-06-19

Feel free to join by my link: https://www.hashgard.com/register180620/?uid=2c9fe651641c511201641d36c02939c6

Official links:
Website: www.hashgard.io; www.hashgard.com (Ginnunga)
Telegram Announcements: t.me/hashgardengchannel
Medium: medium.com/@hashgard
Twitter: twitter.com/Hashgard1
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/hashgard

Stay tuned!