Fried Radio - Live in Canna-Curate - Fridays at 530PM PST

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Come Join us for another episode of Fried Radio!!

Live in the Canna-Curate Discord

*coming soon to and other streaming services

Listen in while DJ Danny Qwoyn rants, bitches and jokes around with stoners on the STEEM Blockchain.

Weekly Giveaways, Interviews and much more!

This weeks lineup:

1.5 hours of music, smoking weed, strain reviews and DJ Donny Qwoyn shooting the shit with Special Guest Sage.

Tune in for your chance to win Hashkings Seeds!

This episode is brought to you by @hashkings. Grow your own cannabis plants on the STEEM Blockchain.

Big shout out to @jonyoudyer - @canna-curate founder, for hosting!


Thank you for being a part of the INCOME entertainment Fund, where builders are sought and supported!

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