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In this guide, I will be mentioning some items which are currently in testing and not ready for release but I will update everyone once testing has been completed. New users, especially ones without prior knowledge of cannabis growing can get confused easily in-game. I created a small chart which hopefully clarifies the male and female plant roles.

Male Plants

The number one goal in a male cannabis plants life is to produce pollen. Pollen is very important in the game because without it you would not be able to create seeds and new hybrid strains. Male plants cannot be pollinated


When a male plant is harvested your farmer will collect pollen. This pollen carries the traits of the male plant which produced it and can be used to create seeds when it is spread on buds.

Female Plants

Female plants can produce buds and seeds but cannot produce pollen. Buds are used to create some of the consumables available in-game such as joints and blunts and seeds. The seeds will carry the traits of the female mother plant and pollen.


Buds can be sent to other users or sold in the market(coming soon), used to roll joints, blunts and cannagars or used to create kief and oil.

Each of the in-game items can be used to smoke with friends(coming soon) to earn XP and other rewards!


These are the tiny crystals you see all over your weed. This kief or also known as trichomes contain all the various cannabanoids and terpines. Using a kiefbox users can collect the kief from their buds and either smoke it with friends or craft moonrocks (a combination of oil, kief and buds). A kiefbox is required in order to create kief from your buds, pick some up in our market. Each kiefbox comes with 10 uses.


Kief and Oil are essentially the same thing except in a different form. Hash oil or dabs are a cannabanoid and terpine concentrate typically consumed through a vaporizer.


Blunts are the big boy of cannabis consumables. Typically these fat cigar like smokeables are wrapped in a tobacco leaf and filled with a large amount of buds. Enjoy these with multiple friends and gain XP(coming soon)! Please pickup bluntwraps in our market before rolling your blunt.


These paper rolled buds are perfect for smoking with another friend but you will need to acquire papers from the market before being able to roll a joint. Earn XP with up to 2 people by smoking a joint!

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