Big Island of Hawaii Waterfalls on Hamakua Coast

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I visited the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii after a week of rain, and while rainy days mean less sunshine, the rain brings rainbows and beautiful waterfalls.


I travelled to “Akaka” Falls first, it is a 30 mile drive north of Hilo. Once in Akaka State Park it was a bit of a hike into the woods, but the trails were very “civilized” with concrete sidewalks, concrete steps and metal safety rails. The hiking guide stated it takes 30 minutes, but I think I took much longer due to frequent stops for pictures and videos. Akaka Falls is 422 feet high, so one of the highest waterfalls in the USA.

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Akaka Falls

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Akaka Falls


Akaka Falls


Next we went to “Rainbow Falls” which was actually inside the city limits of Hilo and very pretty. It was a short drive to the northern area of the city, and the falls is a short 50 yard walk from the parking lot. Plus it was a paved walkway with handicap ramp also.

43960A17-A315-4E95-B014-4B22F33D20CC.jpeg credit

Rainbow Falls

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Rainbow Falls

D4AF2A2B-D5B0-4B0C-90F0-48E75DDA5E87.jpeg credit

Boulder Falls

Then we drove north again to the Boulder Waterfall. It was deep in the woods of the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden. The setting was green and the path paved and shaded. It was a beautiful hike and the falls were very nice.

Boulder Falls

566F2C90-B9A6-4464-8665-2817EE9EE46E.jpeg credit

Boulder Falls

9365D313-C173-4691-A93F-909000A0E569.jpeg credit

Boulder Falls

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Boulder Falls

A137266A-B1B7-413A-A4D5-EC2BD8D3C82C.jpeg credit

Kama’ae Falls

Then we drove to Kama’ae Falls, and once again as we walked to the observation point we could hear the waterfall before we could see it.

Kama’ae Falls
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Kama’ae Falls
C057847F-C0EF-45E8-ADC3-0F6C80AF62C5.jpeg credit

Kama’ae Falls
D7E823AA-A26F-4D6C-9772-D31966C731E9.jpeg credit

It was a very pretty waterfall and I will try to post a video of this one and the others in another post!
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Wow! Gorgeous Waterfall pictures.
Thanks for sharing them.
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Thanks for sharing the waterfall pictures! These are very nice. I think waterfalls are pretty soothing to people emotionally.

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Very pretty and relaxing.

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