Chiron: The Wounded Healer Blueprint for the New Earth Timeline

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In 1977 astrologers found Chiron orbiting between Uranus and Saturn. First Chiron was thought to be a dead star or a comet. Now it is called a Centaur and many other Centaurs have been discovered since. Chiron, however, plays a significant role in our natal charts and has been named The Wounded Healer.

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In Mythology, Chiron has an incurable wound, an arrow in his thigh that can't be dislodged. The gods, however, take mercy on him because of his kindness and ability to heal other people and subsequently bestow immortality onto him.

Chiron's astrological symbol is the shape of a key. It is known that Chiron is the keeper of the key that can unlock your outer realm to reflect the dreams and visions of your inner realm. Chiron is essentially the key to your highest potential.

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How this comes about in daily reality is by the way that your deepest, most significant wound is -as per myth- incurable. It is the woundedness that lies so close to home that it is virtually invisible to your own introspection. Important to note, that this wound, the Chiron wound, has not occurred during your lifetime, you were born into this woundedness. It is thus pre-ordained before birth for you to live out the woundedness for a specific reason.

From the Chiron myth, you notice that Chiron could not heal his own wound, even though he had the ability to heal others. This is the blueprint of consciousness for transforming all the darkness of our planet into the light. As we all strive to cure our own woundedness, we acquire many skills along the way. We then share these skills with others and in doing so, our own wounds feel less painful.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

I encourage you to find Chiron in your Natal Chart.
For further reading: See Barbara Hand-Clow's book, Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner & Outer Planets


I'm have k in 8th house gemini conjunct moon & Mars opposition saturn.... What's your interpretation on that.?

Hi @celestialcow, that is the same house as mine! Core wounds have to do with inheritance, tax and debt. Difficulty in asking for other people's resources. Also with sexual intimacy and the way you learn to find trust in partnership and open up to intimacy that heals. This could lead to you becoming a coach/teacher/healer on sexuality.

Chiron in the 8th house is also about death, and even suggest that you may have lost a dear one in childhood that has created the paradigm of pain in your bioenergy field. It is so accurate because I lost my closest and dearest friend when I was 11. We were inseparable and dreaming up New Earth realities daily. It was as if my magick died with her death, and I am since very much in a process of recovering the magick piece by piece.

wow thanks for your response, some stuff there definitely makes sense, let say money is an issue and at †he moment i dont have much of it!

no one close to me physically died when i was younger but ive had quite intense friends only to see them suddenly end or just fade out. or i dramatically change and cut people off, im also a scorpio ascendant but taurus sun so its an axis. im not sure if ill be a teacher on sexuality >< of recent i have not felt sexual at all, despite this ive had alot of experience and been pretty loose in the past. now in a faze of focusing more inward and connecting to people energies