@disarrangedJane in Hospital

in #healing4 years ago (edited)

Our Beloved @disarrangedJane, host of JANE's CHAOS Show on MSP Waves has been admitted to the hospital after experiencing significant pain in her pancreas.

Please join me in prayer for her recovery and immediate pain relief.

We love you Jane!



I'll say a Rosary for her tonight! For some reason this won't let me upvote??? Get well soon Jane!!!!

I am experiencing some Steemit issues here, too. Refresh, change browser, perhaps. We love you, Rich!

I love you guys too Brother... anything I can do to help, you know all you have to do is say the word!!! Whoops- I upvoted my own comment thinking it was you guys!

Get well Jane, you will be in my thoughts.

Thank you dear friend!

Rest up Jane, praying for a quick recovery!

Much love, jane~

Thank you Crimmi! The messages of support are going to help her to pull through.

Sending my strongest vibrations of health and healing!
rest and get well!!!!

Me and Seb are sending you hugs and all our prayers, hoping you will get well soon. Much love going your way dear @disarrangedjane xxxxxxx

Thank you both. Sending our love!

I pray for her . Get well soon

You are awesome @simgirl! Thank you!

I pray for Jane that the Lord Almighty will touch you from heaven and heal you by His grace. Take care sis. Much love from me.

So sorry to hear. Is there any new news? Please send her my love and I will keep her in my prayers.

Thanks @scotty777 She has been moved to a different hospital with a specialist. She was in rel. good spirit yesterday. It is well.

Sending prayers and positive energy

Praying for her in the Mighty Name of Jesus!

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