How to heal the money energy

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If you are Tired of being part of a pain world in wich every desicion have a dark shadow arround it this post is for you;

Firt of all, forget everything your family has told you about Money. You can do everything you want to get money. For example, Im a musician and I've had to listen about million times that Im was going to die without any money and having depression for all my life. I was swimmming in those waters for a lot of times, but, ¿why?

Out parents gave to us a lot of gifts and demonds. Money can be a demon or a gift , it dependes on what you want to receive. Money is a demon when they say to us that money is for people that has ruined others, that is only for a few and that has always a dark side.
Money is a gift when you understand that you need it for eat, living , studyng and growing. No, the most monee you have is not the most happiness you've got in your life, but yes, you need it but you dont have it. ¿Why? because is easier to get angry instead responsable.

Money is energy. ¿How to connect with that energy?

The most you give is the most you receive
This is not only for money. If you listen others, you would be listen by others. If you talk, people will talk to you. If you trust yourself, people would trust you.
If you dont have that energy in your hands (the money's energy, the paper , or the crypto you need) you have to transform your not energy to real energy. You dont have money to buy something you need today , But, what have you got in your hands today to give? Is a friend in pain and needing you to listen to her? Is your family loocking after you to vistit them? Is your dog waiting you to 10 minutos of love?
Give to the universe.

I know a ritual that always works. First, ask the universe for something you want. For example, 100 usd. Ask the universe the way you feel. You can use a candle, write a paper, meditation, sleeping, talking alone, talking to the mirror, etc.
And then when you have that sensation of being heard that consumes all your soul in happiness go and forget it. Just forget it.
The universe works like a normal human being. If you write to a person at any time, all day all days at any hour he /she /it wont listen to you , even more, it wont write you 4 an answer..

So, let the universe do the magic.
You are magic, let the magic happends