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It’s common to relate heart diseases to the high cholesterol level and excess of high-fat, deep-fried foods.

More often than not they say that if a person has heart issues, it’s because he or she has unhealthy diet (and unhealthy always means a lot of fats and cholesterol).

But is this really so?

What about those people who spent their lives on low-fat diets, but died of heart attacks?


The factors that cause heart issues may lie deeper than we think — at least that’s what says Dwight Lundell, former surgeon and author of books The Cure for Heart Disease and The Great Cholesterol Lie.

According to Dr. Lundell, when it comes to heart diseases, inflammation of artery walls is to blame, which, in its turn causes cholesterol buildup, hence the heart issues.

Lundell points out that when doctors try to treat heart issues by decreasing cholesterol level, they make a common medical mistake: that is, try to eradicate symptoms rather than causes.


In fact, artery walls inflammation is quite natural.
That’s how our bodies protect themselves from various bacteria, toxins and viruses.

But taking into account how much unhealthy food we eat (and in some cases, we may also add alcohol and smoking to the list), this helpful inflammation becomes chronic — and, as a result, not so helpful.


What’s more, so called diet food, that is low-fat food, harms our blood vessels just as much.

Foods high on simple carbs (like sugar or starchy foods) and some vegetable oils (corn, soy, sunflower) are in a blacklist too.

The diet Dr. Lundell offers is quite simple, but logical: only natural products, no chemically treated or lasting foods and never ever try to exclude wholesome fats. They are crucial for making your body (and your heart in particular) function correctly.


Sugar is your enemy!

Appearance of low-fat foods led to production of high-sugar products. That’s the reason why people develop heart issues.

Natural products are a key to your health and well-being. Semi-finished products, sweets and foods stuffed with chemicals are your heart killers.

Eat fruits and vegetables, cereals, meat, fish and eggs, olive and linseed oil, nuts and dried fruits. A balanced diet will help you control your blood sugar level and your heart will work perfectly.



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Good post, Andrew!
I like useful posts like this.

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Matters like this are hard to plainly express to some people and leave an impact or strike a sense of responsibility. There are many great doctors and health specialists who discover and/or focus on very crucial points regarding health.

It is very disappointing how many people wont do at least 15 minutes of health research a day.
It is extremely important to do so with the way the world is when you consider that our environmental conditions are more dynamic, inconsistent and rapidly changing than ever.
After so much research being done for my personal interests, It can be a bit disheartening to watch millions of people commit suicide by attempting to sidestep their health issues and well-being through many needless pharma products instead of addressing the root of problems. The roots are what you can begin to find when you do your research on biology regularly. Close to a billion people have already died due to taking statin drugs and other similar substances in just a few decades. And that doesn't even scratch the surface of what other unfortunate results of gross misunderstandings have caused in so many people who ought not deserve adverse situations in their lives and loved ones.
I hope people start to realize that we have far more control over our state of being than we realize. So it would be best that people start to remember what they can and are supposed to be capable of.

Thanks. Would you mind to write a particular article. It should be so interesting for many people.

inflammation is quite natural

Doesn't make it always a healthy process. Our bodies are not perfect systems created by a god. Inflammation can have negative effects along with positive effects. Your statement is flawed.

Many people think that natural must mean that it is the best way. Humans are so much more complicated than that.

Appearance of low-fat foods led to production of high-sugar products. That’s the reason why people develop heart issues.

Not entirely and you are just throwing your comments out there. People develop heart issues for genetic reasons as well and a low sugar diet isn't going to be the only reason people don't end up with some sort of heart disease.

This is just my point of view. Thanks for comment.

Fair enough, and I understand that. Thanks for not taking offense to mine.


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