Another Workout in my 'DUNGEON' Gym

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Today was a day to train mostly those stubborn biceps and triceps that have been refusing to grow...!!! It isn't so bad that our muscles decide not to respond as expected (from past experience) but it's certainly frustrating after having atrophied and looking to re-gain what was lost.


That's the position I'm in these days, because I took a longggggggggg... lay-off from training with the weights last year and lost a LOT of size and strength, as a result; I almost feel normal now...!!!

I don't like to feel normal... I much prefer to feel stronger and healthier :>)

What's even more disappointing, is that those arms of mine had always been quick to respond in the past. I swear... there were times that I thought my biceps were growing, just by thinking about them? We all have some type of genetic gifts and one of mine was above average strength and muscular size, that easily was increased by weight training.

THINGS CAN CHANGE though; especially as we age. Though most people I encounter at the gym are amazed by how I look and perform, once learning that I'm 71 years old. The way 'I' look at it though... I can be and do - better.

AND, I will too...!!!

It's not that I'm ungrateful for what I've been blessed with, it's more due to slacking off sometimes (a bit too long) which causes a reversal of personal gains. Sticking points are fine and can be expected at times, regardless of dedication, but loss due to laziness or just plain lack of motivation - sucks.

One of the reasons I continue to exercise and write about it, is not just for personal reasons. I like to pass on, by example to others any knowledge I've acquired in life, which may help them as well.

Too many of us, seem to go through life carrying false illusions about what is and what is not possible to personally achieve. Much of the negativity remains rooted in the acceptance of myth.

All too often I've heard people lament false reasoning as to why they cannot do something... When it comes to starting an exercise program, beyond a certain age, it's common for people to say, "I'm too old now". That's sad for me to hear, because I know it's false.

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Other very common retorts from people, regardless of age is, "I don't have the time to exercise" or "I get enough exercise at work every day"... Two other false notions. Yet, I can usually see in their eyes, that it is said sort of flippantly; what I'm actually hearing is, "I hate exercising".

After all these years of hearing such things, I'm able to take it all with a "grain of sand". I no longer feel compelled to try and change their mind, like I did in my younger days. Why waste emotional energy on such negativity? 'LIVE and let LIVE' as the saying goes...

If I encounter a person with even the slightest interest in improving their health and fitness, who might turn to me for encouragement, then... I'm always happy to help - if I can.


Being 'old' and having set-backs in my training routine, is not going to make me throw my hands up in defeat; I'm pushing onward my friends... You should too...

NEVER GIVE UP on trying to accomplish anything you deem important for yourself.

Stay well and keep a smile on your face.



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