immune system foods to boost against covid 19 and Kill Viruses

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Bell peppers are high in vitamin C, making them one of the greatest foods for strengthening your immune system. Vitamin C is an excellent immunity booster.

because it helps the body create new white blood cells which word naturally to ward off infections eh 1 cup serving bell Peppers or about 150 milligrams will provide you with almost double the recommended daily amount of vitamins.

Next Broccoli is a well-known staple in healthy diets because it is the jack of all trades vegetables and Bell Peppers Vitamin C recommended daily dose first and foremost

food that increase white blood cells
bell Pepper’s bell Peppers are extremely rich in vitamin C which makes them one of the best foods for boosting your immune system vitamin C is a great immunity booster because it improves blood circulation in the production of new white blood cells.

I double the recommended daily dose of

vitamin E, like any word eh 1 cup serves one bell pepper or about 150 mg naturally to prevent infections

Next up is broccoli is a well-known staple and healthy diets that is because it’s pretty

much a Jack of all trades vegetable broccoli provides adequate amounts of fiber that is

required to maintain gut health and eliminate harmful germs