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According to the results of the study mentions regular coffee drinking can provide benefits to the body. Among them increase concentration, reduce stress to reduce the risk of cancer and diabetes.

doctor who is also founder of Authority Nutrition in the United States, Kris Gunnars tells how.


1. Drink no later than 14.00 (Indonesia's time)

Caffeine in coffee is a stimulant that can give a jolt of energy and keep it awake. Caffeine will be absorbed into the blood and tissues within 45 minutes after consumption. The effect can keep the body up for about eight hours.

2. Do not use too much sugar

in some people will make the drink so delicious. However, excessive sugar mengonsumi trigger obesity and diabetes.

3. Avoid additional sweeteners.

it is not recommended to add artificial sweetener (artificial sweetener). While calorie free, various observational studies call this could trigger some health problems later on.

4. Use cinnamon.

Studies mention the benefits of cinnamon when consumed by the body ranging from lowering blood sugar and cholesterol.

5. Use chocolate powder into coffee

Chocolate powder (cocoa) is known to be rich in potent antioxidant-related ingredients to raise the risk of heart disease.


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