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In the Philippines, a lot of people die not because there is no medicine or treatment available but because they don't have money to pay for these costs. -ssbyf-
Prepare for your own future now!
Start investing now for as low as Php 88.00 per day or Php 2,647 a month for ONLY 7 years!
🔘 With Life Insurance Coverage;
🔘 With Long-Term Healthcare that covers your hospitalization even beyond age 65;
🔘 6-10% average interest growth rate yearly
🔘 With healthcare benefits:

  • No down payment upon hosp. admission
  • Dental & lab exams
  • Room & board per day
  • Annual Physical Exam- CC, Chest Xray, Urinalysis, ECG
  • Many more
    Note: This is not a V.U.L. product 👍
    Get to know more about this product. Send me a message.
    And Click here for more details:

GetProtected #PeaceofMind #LongTermHealthcare


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