7 signs that the kidneys are sick!

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Kidney works in the excretion of all types of wastes including the body's germination process. However, the kidney can become inefficient at any moment or its performance may be reduced. It is important to have a detailed knowledge of kidney problems from the beginning. Because if the symptoms of kidney problems are known from the beginning, then it can be solved through treatment only if there is a shortage of problems. Let's not know the symptoms of kidney problems.


  1. Weakness: One of the main symptoms of kidney problem is weakness. And this weakness comes from anemia. If kidneys do not work properly then the blood continues to be contaminated. Because of which blood does not produce new blood cells. Also, when kidney function is reduced, it can not produce the hormone required for the body erythroproteine. This hormone helps sister Marrow to produce blood cell.

  2. Breathing: When the kidney starts to stop working, the body's waste begins to mix with blood. Most of these waste materials are acidic substances. So when the waste reaches the lungs with blood, the lungs begin to use carbon dioxide to extract that waste. That is why adequate oxygen can not enter the lungs. It can be your breathing problem.

  3. Blurred vision or mental restlessness: Kidney problems can cause blurred vision or mental disorders. Because urea is a major part of body waste. Due to kidney problems, urea mixed with blood instead of leaving the body. When this corrupted blood reaches the brain, mental unrest, blurred, causes such problems. If the amount of urea is too much, it can cause damage to the brain, in which the patient can go to the quake.


  1. Itching symptoms in the body: Prioritus occurs in the body with kidney disabilities. The preyritus is actually the itchy medical name When the body begins to mix the waste in the blood, the symptoms of the itch are present as it contains phosphorus. Foods that contain phosphorus such as malted foods, they can not be exposed to urine as phosphorus waste after digestion. Due to which it started to cause itching in the skin by mixing it with blood.

  2. Changes in urine color and bleeding: The color of urine changes in kidney problems. Because, kidney failure is caused by renal tubules, which causes polyureaus. This means that you work to produce urine in a greater amount. However, increases in kidney disability, the amount of urine will be reduced. And the color of urine will be dark yellow or orange color. As well as bleeding with urine and excessive foam.

  3. Risk: Ammonia is another component of the body's waste material. If ammonia mixed with blood, then it destroys the protein on the body. Ammonia can not filter as a waste of body in kidney disabilities. Risk of excessive ammonia in the blood causes problems like loss of weight.


  4. Pain in the body: Due to a genetic condition, a type of fluid filled cistern is formed inside the body, especially kidneys and liver. The fluid in this system carries a special toxin that can damage body veins or arteries. Damage to multiple shirts or arteries can cause pain in the body. This pain can be like a blunt feeling, pulsation, or a burning sensation. Generally, these pain can be in the back parts of the body, legs or waist.


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