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In my religion "ISLAM", within a year we are MUST do fasting one month in ramadan , not eat not drink, not make love with our wife. from dawn to sunset
and is recommended to fast sunna 2 times a week ie on Monday and Thursday.
and additional on certain days of the day on other days of the year.

Fasting not only nourishes the body but also keeps our hearts in order to empathize with the poor.

Nice share, I resteem and upvote this post.

Happy Fasting


@azmielbanjary I come from a country that is 60% Muslim, 40% Catholic and Greek Orthodox. We were 500 years under Ottoman Empire which explains the higher % of the Muslim population. All three religions fast but in different ways. The longest fasting is the Ramadan. I grew up during dictatorship and the word religion was nonexistence. However knowledge and health benefits of fasting were shared with us as kids. We didn't fast, but my grandparents did. They will say: fasting is about discipline and temporary stopping bad habits (grandma loved her 100 coffees per day).

So interesting to learn about ur past. Sure sounds like you know a thing or two.. thanks for always having such awesome comments, and for having discussions with other people on my page too.. so glad we met 😊

the benefits of fasting very much will not be enough to write it here.

May peace always be with us

I was actually referencing Islam, specifically Ramadan. 😉 I was in Iraq for a few years and learned much about the religion through my interpreter. I was very facinated with fasting for this very reason! Thank you for explaining Ramadan for other people to learn about too. Take care.

So appreciate with what you do.

hopefully you see Islam from its source ie The The Holy Book Al quran, not just from people.
Because a a few of us is a misunderstanding or not doing what have told todo.

For example, "the cleanliness is some of the faith, but some still littering"

Thank u for the kind words my friend.. To be honest I do not practice religion at all, but i respect your faith for sure.. i am personally at a point in my life when religion is not what i need, i have tried it. I believe everyone has their own path to take to find whatever it is they need to feel fulfilled in life. We are all on different journeys and need different experiences in our lives to feel complete. I am happy that Islam fills that void for you, but for me it is something totally different..

may we always be on the right path to do all kind things to our society and nature. That is the beginning of an essential peace will come.
And that why our religion named "Islam", it mean Peace for the universe.

Nice to know ..

Best Regards


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