Ear pain and an onion

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Having fun in the sun not a care in the world at that moment, jumping into the sea to surface from the water with extreme pain shooting through the ear with the feeling of a bubble of water stuck in the ear, no matter of rubbing the lobe will pop the water, it just aggravates the pain.

Having to pack everyone up to sort out the pain cuts the adventure short, remembering someone had an ear infection they used onion juice to clear it, walking through the door heading to the shower to see if steam from a hot shower would burst the water, still no prevail.

While I was steaming onion juice was made, by cutting an onion into bits placing it inside a cloth, cheese or muslin cloth would be best if not a cloth that juice can be squeezed through into a cup.
Using a dropper to suck up the juice to drip into the ear about three drops was instead relief.

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According to Wikipedia Traces of onions recovered from Bronze Age settlements in China suggest that onions were used as far back as 5000 BC, not only for their flavour, but the bulb's durability in storage and transport.[23][19][failed verification] Ancient Egyptians revered the onion bulb, viewing its spherical shape and concentric rings as symbols of eternal life.[19] Onions were used in Egyptian burials, as evidenced by onion traces found in the eye sockets of Ramesses IV.[24]
Pliny the Elder of the first century AD wrote about the use of onions and cabbage in Pompeii. He documented Roman beliefs about the onion's ability to improve ocular ailments, aid in sleep, and heal everything from oral sores and toothaches to dog bites, lumbago, and even dysentery. Archaeologists unearthing Pompeii long after its 79 AD volcanic burial have found gardens resembling those in Pliny's detailed narratives.[19] According to texts collected in the fifth/sixth century AD under the authorial aegis of "Apicius" (said to have been a gourmet), onions were used in many Roman recipes.[19]

A humble vegetable like the onion may seem like an unlikely remedy for an ear infection, it worked for myself, will it work for you? You just may need to see, sure beats sitting in a doctor's office, queuing up at the chemist taking an hour or two out of the day.

The physician treats, but nature heals. ~ Hippocrates

I'm not a medical professional, if you have any medical questions you should reach out to someone in the medical field, as I'm just sharing my own point of view from my own research and experiences.

What's your favorite remedies?

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