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I definitely agree on intermittent fasting! I have never felt better and I've been doing it now for about 7-8 months (and am down 60+ lbs, too) and it just feels so much more natural to me than trying to eat the 5-6 meals a day "rules" that I tried to follow for years!

Great post!


Not every one can have 5-6 small meals a day. It all depends on body type and overall health. Eating habits, got to love that junk food. How does the 5-6 meals/day works when we take elevators and drive even to locations that are a block away? Why are kids overweight (the true meaning of the word is literally fat). It's a very disturbing fact that a doctor can't tell a patient he/she is fat. Why are we dealing with diabities? In most cases diabetes is curable, just needs a dietary change. Why society play words not to hurt people's feeling, it's actually doing more harm by not sharing the true meaning and the risks associated with overweight.

SO TRUE!!! It was like you stole the thoughts right out of my head with this entire comment!

I really hate that I can't use the word fat, and now even "overweight" is somehow becoming unacceptable? So I find myself having to use "unhealthy" quite often in replacement. We have become a society that can't speak how we feel anymore, and that is scary! Glad other people are on the same page.. :)

My other half is in the medical field and so are majority of our friends. They ALL complain about how hard is to do their job. My friend got a very bad review bc he (endocrinologist) said "your child is fat, let's work quickly together and change it asap. The kid is borderline, not sick, and my only prescription is immediate strict diet." The kid was eating in his office a mega bag of cheeseballs. With the changes in health system doctors will drop patient like flies... because they will not get paid if the patient does not get well in a certain amount of time.

Ugh, people disgust me.. they never want to call the truths, everything is blame and excuses! If people would just take a little responsibility then they would be so much better off!..

stop running from the truth!
-David Goggens (toughest person in the world)

If parents wont admit their child is fat then he will never have a chance at getting healthy!

I am so happy for you! :) Glad you found something that works and is healthy too! I tried the 5-6 meals a day too and never had any luck..

You also get to save money ;)

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