The Effects of Social Media On Our Mental Health... Chapter #1

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Hi Steemians!

Technology is a useful tool in the right hands and with a well-attuned mindset, but most people do not know how to utilize technology to the best of their own interest, damaging their mental health as a result of this collective human ignorance.

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Internet space is an offspring of advancements in technology. Official statistics indicate that more than half the population of the world use internet as a means for communication and business. If we take a closer look at the phenomenon, it is not that bit of a stretch to conclude that even after all these years, internet and social media are still peculiar wonders of technology.

At a particular point in history, our culture was hit by a wave of technological advancement that no one was remotely prepared for. Even more so, one could go so far as to suggest that internet holds in itself an unnatural amount of power and source of potential, therefore making it a questionable addition to our lives.

If someone were to tell you that the amount of time you spend on Twitter or any other social media is affecting you in unreasonable ways, even though you enjoy your time there and might feel addicted to it, how would you respond?

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Individual human interaction in the physical reality of texture and senses has been reduced as a result of social media and its grasp on our identity. Social media gives you the power to stay in touch with a lot more people than you could if you were to utilize the old-fashioned ways, but that real rush of adventure and feeling has been replaced by a virtual space that is merely a pale shadow of true reality.

Social media increases our need for attention. These websites give you a glamorous stage of the entire world and its population, regardless of their education and knowledge, their priorities and mindsets, and their true state of mental health.

Sending or posting different statuses and moods on the social media has turned into a destructive habit for a lot of people. Privacy can sometimes be forced to a position of absolute redundancy.

As a result, most of our youth focus on being the stars of this glamorous stage, rather than taking actual pride from working hard on things that would be beneficial to their character and their life.

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Studies show that people who are addicted to social media are more prone to mental illnesses in the depression department. These people are exposed to a whole lot of people every day and literally experience what they go through and how they choose to deal with it.

That level of emotional attachment and exposure can sometimes lead to dangerous pitfalls, more so when you consider the fact that most of these emotions are empty at their core and have no value of reality in the virtual space of social media.

Immense exposure to social media can also be a fast way of killing your inner creativity. Surfing through endless pages of other people’s profiles and stories can be the same as thoughtlessly sitting in front of the TV and wasting hours watching programs with no sense of awareness and consciousness.

In this state, the human mind has no space to evolve and grow with the foundation of new ideas and interesting thoughts. This will effectively turn your mind into a blunt and useless instrument.

As we said earlier, more than half of the world’s population have an active presence in different social media platforms. When you are an addict of such platforms or spend a lot of time using them, you are exposed to a whole lot of different people.

Rich and poor. Old and young. Successful and miserable. Seeing yourself as a reflection in the mirror of all these people can eventually lead to a sense of emptiness and nihilistic outlook on life.

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All of our arguments above are not to say that you should abandon the internet and utterly reduce your presence in any form of social media. What we are saying, though, is that maybe it is time to take a look at the amount of time that we spend every day looking at a small digital screen and mistaking it for actual reality.

Every phenomenon is a tool in the brilliance of bright minds. Technology and internet are also tools that can be effectively utilized in a journey towards a better life.




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Thanks All of You!!!!


No doubt social media and internet has changed our life. Precisely it has improved our lives and made it advance but again everything should be used wisely and excess of everything is bad for us and social media is not an exception. Now a days people are getting addicted to social media tool like Facebook, instagram and Twitter etc. I think all these stuff should be used for limited time there shouldn't be case when we spend most of our daily time in to it which could be more productive in other sources. Though steem is also a social media kind of platform but here motive is different as not for the people who wants to show off their richness or their lifestyle. I know many people who share whole their life on Facebook and Instagram and they are literally dying for likes and people's attention. If we use it wisely then all these are the best ways to stay connected but again we need to be considerate. Nice topic @chbartist
Have a great day.

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Well said
Anything of too much is bad.
Everything has pros and cons. Using it wisely makes complete sense.
Can be difficult as addiction kicks in but can be doable

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You are absolutely correct @moghul we need to considerate for our own sake.

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My problem with studies like this is that is too easy to make a clickbait article title, there is pros and cons to pretty much everything in the world, so you can make an article saying social media is bad for you or good for you.

I really see an article written by Professionals The Way of the benefits of both sides, but those articles are probably out there in peer reviewed journals just I'm not going to read them. So I guess it's my own fault.

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The problem is excess, everything in excess does not do well. I understand that technology is important, onclusive I have a technology company for 20 years. But I do not like to see boyfriends in a restaurant and they're not talking to each other. Notice how they look like they go out to drink some good wine and stay on whatsapp? Just like the immediacy and addiction of not being able to hear the beep of instagram or whats and having to see at the same instant and every 10 seconds this is definitely not beneficial. Regards

Just because you feel it's bad to be on your phone while out on a restaurant doesn't mean it is. I'd like to see some psychologists argue for the benefits.

For example instead of communicating with just one person they are likely communicating with 10 to 20. Obviously that communication is of a much smaller scope but it still helps to build connections and a community.

When I see people on phones I think they are reading more and communicating with more people.

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Actually so would I. Of course you're absolutely right with regards to there being pros and cons in relation to everything, but I'd be very surprised to learn the pros outweigh the cons in this instance. It's quite tragic really, the potential to do some great things is there, but the human factor has got in the way of it's potential.

As animals we are hardwired to assume the cons outweigh the pros.

Bad things kill us whereas good things only help us a small amount.

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Technology is our friend if we use it for a noble cause and a systematic way . We have many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We can share whatever we want but if we don't use these platforms correctly there is so many negative effects. Excess use of social media or internet leds us to depression.

We have to use these platforms wisely so we don't get affected.

Sir, you are right, we have the technology in our hands, but we do not understand how we use it, and this is a big problem.
Thanks for sharing.

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Right is written friend It is very frightening. Now if any notification comes from any place, it seems that someone has uplvoted someone who has responded and wants to see him immediately.

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Hi @chbartist

Well said!

The social media tends to inject dopamine in our systems, which is a feel good chemical. Sooner or later we become addicted to it. Because we want to feel good. Each time the phone rings for a message if we feel irresistible temptation to check it out, we might be already addicted.

The worst affected are the children population. They cannot handle the dopamine effects in their bodies and they become very soon addicted to phone and social media. That's why once they are exposed enough, they cry when they are stopped or regulated.

Frankly speaking, I am also a kind of addicted. I am planning to schedule it out but I have not implemented it yet.

Thank you
Your post gave me strength.


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Estamos interesados mucho en este tema, sobre todo haciendo una mirada pedagógica : el curriculo oculto en las redes sociales, de como las redes sociales estan formando a nuestros niños y los docentes desconocen todo este mundo virtual. El caso que vemos con mayor preocupación son los Youtuber, muchos niños han dejado de ver televisión para solo visulizar los youtuber. En estos dias realizamos un foro y el desconocimiento de los y las docentes en este campo era abrumador.DsYDSKRXoAA72ii.jpg

Great topic
I would say it has a negative effect more times than not really unfortunate

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I had never had an issue with this until Steem came into my life... Given the potential of this ecosystem, I have found myself spending a lot of time here engaging however it has enabled me to open myself to new possibilities whereas I was closed in the last. Now it is the need to find the right balance while still engaging with the community to foster growth in this great platform.

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Yes friend, but how you said: right balance

@chbartist nowadays it's a very hazardous problem for our society. Youth is totally include in it. They think a lot about it. Social networks are not bad but matter is how we use this, we are interested in it or fond of it. But it's became a dangerous situation when we get addition of it .

Some of us are so attached to their devices, I some wonder how they think any creative thing or plan anything for their life. Maybe they don't.
Showing off to others that we are rich and happy is become a syndrome. And seeing others more happy affecting our relationship and life as well.
May your writing helps some of us to realize that and helps us to live a better life with out it.
I also wrote about- why I stop using social media a few days back. If you are interested, you can read it here-

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I think the effects of social media is adverse to our society especially to the youth and the middle age populace of our generation. The social media has made us not to look around to make real friends but online we have thousands of unseen friends but little or no physical flesh and blood friends. Add me to the community list.

@xtophercruzeu. Add Friend look at list the last post! Regards and You are very welcome!

Improper usage and not the social media is the problem.
Hope everyone will use Social Media as a good arena for communication and of strengthening ties.

Dear @chbartist, it was quite enjoyable to read this post while it speaks true, by proving that it is true using the exact same subject that you are dealt with.
You informed us that usage of social media merely for wasting time is something that gonna ruin manything around us, mostly time and our direct societal engagement. And the funny part is you used the same thing that a kind of technical social media to show these meaningful things. That means, as you said these kind of media that trapping the human in its nets, are also really good if WE use them in its most meaningful ways and for a purpose that tend to be GOOD.
Whatever it is the way you selecting subjects to speak about is very well appreciable.

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Everytning is right @chbartist , tools we need in our life but...:

Social media are addicted and sometimes it could be cause health problems like...::

Insomnia, anxiety, depression, mental disorders ... and many more...!!

It´s clear that internet is very useful but in excess is really bad...

Mainly FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM are one of the top causing problems in addiction excess....!!!

I think every single discovery in this world has different advantage and disadvantages and that includes SOCIAL MEDIA. However, if we know how to utilize and use them properly then we will not worry.
This is a very nice article to read. Thanks for sharing.

[email protected]

I think your last point is exactly our problem in this society. Mistaking it for something real. I'm a teacher and my children in class have troubles seeing what's real and what's not. And let's be honest, it is getting harder and harder to see. Not just the fake news on social media, but also the fake lives people live. Like they're happy all the time. It's frustrating because we still don't know how to properly educate people.
Thanks for writing this!

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Improper use of these Social Media platforms can be dangerous.
We live in a world today that we won't survive if we don't check up these Social Media Sites and humans are we, though not all, we give all our personal info not knowing that we are giving the whole world everything about us..including the things we should keep withing ourselves.
So, really, there should be moderation use.

My opinion is simply,the effects and advantages all depends on the individual using the technology(social media) and if you could just discipline your self,you could see yourself avoiding the adverse side effects of addiction🤗

Everything in excess is harmful, however good it may be, so what is needed is a balance between responsibilities, your real life and social networks ... this publication shows reality very clearly, so you do not have to let it pass by and take it into account ... thanks for sharing it with us. :)

@chbartist sir
I think social media is the best medium for expressing its thoughts and artes, provided it does not find its existence in its negative aspect. The downside of it causes mental depression for us. Excessive contact of social media attempts to distort our mental level. Use the internet as much as it is necessary for daily life. The Internet is undoubtedly like an agitation for the industrial sector, but most of the things are always harmful.

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There needs to be more transparency when it comes to the social media space and what technology is being used behind the scenes. If I were to make a new soda and add drugs to it that make you addicted to it, then everyone would get very upset. There would be people posting and streaming about the unethical practice. It is funny, when most other companies like Facebook implement changes to build a mental addiction of its users to capture as much data as possible there is not nearly as much awareness. We need to rethink the ways that things are built and have ethical input at the planning stages. Mobile games are another example of what I feel are unethical means of building an addiction. Nice post @chbartist

When we get into social media a bit tooo much we start to see that we are addicted to it and therefore we miss our social life because we are connected to everyone around us on a screen.

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The most alarming aspect of this supposedly informed and technological era is how easily led down that mind-numbing, dumbing-down drive in the virtual country the majority of the human race proved to be. A conscious effort to evolve humanity through technology was made so we could all inhabit the same virtual super-site. Gradually we're overwhelmed by options and overcome by inference and innuendo (care of cutting- edge millennium media, now dubbed up-to -the minute misinformation). Inadvertantly we open ourselves up to advice, opinion, suggestion, influence, questionable claims and corrupt content. The result is indifference, apathy and isolation; how soon is it before you're accepting this new normal, which is as far from reality as can be, at a time when we need to be at the top of our game, aware of our surroundings, environment, on the look out for opportunities to shine. There is so much to learn, to experience, to live and revel in, there is no substitution for life, for emotion, communication, sensation and living. Computers have no soul. So much in life is precious, yet has no place in the world of so many people growing up today. There is something very wrong with that, but the implications suddenly seem too dispiriting to face just now. 0151hrs Tuesday 18th December 2018.
images (5).jpg
I would definitely like to be on the list of people above.

Great comment @theureview. I included u in list. Look at the list in last post! You are very welcome!

The main problem here is that many people take it as a way of life or an habit ,forgetting everything that surround them
Great post!

We know the power of Social media in the US, as a Russian and Chinese tool to influence elections.
This is so true. Thank you for sharing!

I wish there was a 'follow but not really follow' button for all the people and friends I have to follow out of politeness.

Worst thing invented for human society, we are less social & more lonely.

For the past two months, I have made a rule where I don't check social media in my first hour of being awake. By using this rule, I find that most days, I actually forget to check my social media until the evening, thus giving me loads of extra time during the day to get work done. Try this simple trick and see if it helps!

Another prob id the way that the developers manipulate the people who use the social media platforms by having them always constantky checking for updates on the site, to check if someone liked a post or shared it, or tagged you...

One of the reason I only use Steemit and Whatsapp to communicate, as well as discord... I use the rest as a way to market ICO's and for nothing else :D

We as people seem to seek approval from everyone else and that is how social media can negatively affect us, because of our desire to be seen as more and we seek the happy emotions that come from people commenting or liking our pics or comments that if we do not get it, we fall into a depressive state which is in turn bad for your mental health...

Nice post :)

Yes!" everything has pros and cons". social media and internet are good but the major problem is that we are abusing it in a very wrong which is not good enough.Thanks @chbartist for sharing....👍

Social media would not be harmful but for the vices of most users. Social media was created to connect people. They would have used it to share ideas and innovations. However, most users have social media accounts for fun. Due to this social media has turned people into robots. Its in this where you can find people visiting their relatives upcountry and instead of holding conversations With them, the visitors resorts to checking their phones for messages. People walk on tge streets with their head tilted downwards looling at their phones

I seeing your post mindly . I thoght result ,you're a good contenter ,wrighter and succesful steemian so you flow me and upvote with another succes . Thanks

we are the first generation of the internet. The first generations at revolutionary things never go out well.

We should definitely make a wise usage of social media.

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