thanks sweetheart!

May I ask for a facebook account?

yes its Chrystal-Dawn Petrocco

Prediction: Within 30 days Dollar Virgil will be back to drinking heavily in order to wash away the memories of all the pain he has caused anyone who listened to his constant bitcoin pumping. :-)

well, still good advice for those who are actually trying to quit drinkin lol

On the Tue before Memorial Day weekend Dollar Virgil was throwing a bitcoin party and passing out cigars and champagne. On that Th the price of Bitcoin dropped $500 in about 2 hours. He came on and said >>> "Oh well, I guess price had gone to far too fast." On Sat of Memorial Day weekend Bitcoin reached it's low for the selloff that Dollar Virgil had set off with his celebrations as it traded to $1880.00 He said nothing because he was too busy shooting Starbux lattes up his ass. he even posted a video on Facebook of hismelf doing that. The price then rallied from that low to almost $3000. Dollar Virgil was once again passing out cigars and champagne over at Utube. The best advice he could give is to tell people >>> "If you are trying to get rich short term trading bitcoin then sell when I'm so giddy my pants are shitty, and buy when I'm giving myself a coffee enema." he's the poster child for the bitcoin bubble and I can't wait unti the coming collapse that take Bitcoin back below $1000. Hopefully he'll do the "correct" thing and just STF up after that happens. People will get crushed becuz of that jerkoff.

OMG hahahah .... wow is he that bad??? lol

Should I make a new post - whos got dirt on the dollar vigilante?? lol I UPDATED MY POST, I just did a little research and yeah wow, what a doink

I am personally tracking the price in "actual" bitcoin by following the sentiment driving it using the U.S. exchange traded bitcoin tracker GBTC. I give constant updates so you can follow me if you choose to so you will know the fate of bitcoin at any given time. Here's a post he made at Utube about Jim Cramer, who he admonished for causing great pain for anyone who listened to Jim's advice...and right fully so I might add.

Jim Cramer has NEVER generated 2 consecutive 30% price drops in any asset trading over $1000 in a matter of 4 to 6 weeks. I think Dollar Virgil will be the first in history to do it. When he does (actual bitcoin drops below $2100) I will put together a special post to mark that day in history. You will have my permission to post it all over the internut. :-) Look at the smug look on the clowns face in the thumbnail. I'm going to single handedly pound his face into the ground.

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