Samsung Health !

in #health7 months ago


I'm glad that I baught samsung. Never tried it before. For me such phone was expensive always and I thinking why people love such phone so much. Now I'm enjoying it and I especially like the application ''Samsung Health''.

Screenshot_20200912-181208_Samsung Health_copy_1080x934.jpg

This application always shows me how much I walked and motives me to be more active. My average daily steps are about 3000 steps or 2 km. I naver walked that much before and I feel really healthier now.

Screenshot_20200912-185442_Samsung Health_copy_1080x1223.jpg

Today for example, I had to walk a lot looking for an important medicament for my mother. So, I walked more than 10k steps and that wad awesome. I really feel stronger.

So, in case you have a similar phone, I advice you to install the application and to be more healthy.

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