The golden middle !

in #health4 months ago


We have a great expression in Russia. That's "The golden middle".

That means when you have two things to choose from, it's better to not choose between them but to find the middle thing to choose.

Maybe that's not possible all the time, but at least we can try.

For example talking about the virus. We have people saying that not exists, but others doing their best to prove that it exists. Knowing that there are other viruses in this world we should tale our precautions.
But we shouldn't panic and stay away from people.

Today I learned about the collective immune system. And the doctor said that if we will not got in touch with other peopke and the nature, our body will not be able to meet those viruses to create antibodies. So, the isolation may make us just weaker.

That's why I decided to choose the golden middle and to take some precausions but it doesn't mean that I will not get out or be in panic.

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