Sexual Benefits of green tea over the lymphatic destroyer coffee

in #health5 years ago

One of green tea’s many built-in benefits is its aid to general sexual health. Both men and women report a boost in libido and ability when drinking green tea.Some have attributed it to the calming amino acid L-theanine and the boosting effects of caffeine. Caffeine unfortunately has some side effects to the lymphatic system of the body, causing swelling and constriction of the vessels. When you drink coffee, a beverage with high levels of caffeine, the drink takes a toll on the lymphatic system. Green tea contains only about half the amount of caffeine of regular coffee, so it is a better choice for the body since your body won’t be shocked by the high levels of caffeine. When you choose green tea, you will also be getting healthy catechins and amino acids that will boost overall health. Green tea can also have other unexpected benefits to increase your sex drive including weight loss, metabolism boost, and by stimulating the production of dopamine in the body.


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