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Oil Users Anonymous

Hello my name is LooTz and I am an oil addict. It has been 4 months since I started using and cannot stop. Once the bottle is done I have to buy more. At times I can go through a bottle in 4 days. I have not felt ill ever since I started this new but very old drug. I put it on my tongue, rub it on my feet, put it on the back of my ears, and at times when I am feeling really squirrely I mix it with other oils. 


How I Struck Oil

Do not get intimidated when using oil. Over the years oil has developed a bad name due to dermatologists and television commercials telling people that removing oil from their skin is healthy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Their is a difference between dirty oil and clean oil. You know this when you fry food and then can taste the dirty from the crisp clean. Oil can clean better then water at times so get it out of your head and learn to love the oils.I have suffered with acne my whole life and at one point when I was younger took a drug called accutane for the problem. Unfortunately my mom did not know better and listened to the doctor resulting in intestinal issues that ended in surgery for me. This ugly scar on my tummy reminds me daily how the doctors do not know what they are doing and are just looking to push the latest drug on people when they hear keywords. Remember guys statin drugs suppress health, antibiotic = antilife as a apposed to probiotics.My acne would scar my skin I had boils up to 5 inches big and would drain randomly. So as a kid going to high school was tuff, it was embarrassing when my shirt would all of a sudden have a spot of blood on them. Till this day I still get acne but nothing compared to what I was getting during my puberty years. These days I handle things differently, I have new weapons besides good diet to take care of these issues. Oregano Oil is seriously powerful so forget drugs, I have been through it all and absolutely nothing works better especially for boils. I came across it the first time not through research which is usually how it goes but just seeing it in the organic shop. I knew Oregano as an herb was amazing but never thought of using it concentrated in an oil. But I was desperate and gulped the sixty dollar little bottle.For over 9 months I had this boil that grew to the size of a golf ball on my back. It would drain and grow constantly. I went to the doctor and he said it will need to be cut out possibly if it continues to return. Best sixty bucks I ever spent. People once again I have found a remedy that will stay with me my whole life. I rubbed wild oregano oil on it and in 1 week it was gone, it just got smaller and smaller every day. Remember Wild is different then organic. Wild means it came from its original environment. Anyone can grow organically, well almost anyone I seem to still have issues heh.I put the oil on the back of my head before bed for little acne patches I get at times. I put a drop under my tongue anytime I want at least once a day. If I had been diagnosed with skin cancer you would find be home rubbing this oil on every hour. I would probably put it all over my body. Oregano oil is expensive but I ignore the price when it comes to my health, I just tell myself what would the doctor charge ? Then my decision becomes easy. As a side note I am still trying to figure out how to make it myself.You do not have to believe me, if you know me you know I have built multiple websites just to educate my family. Yes the websites have a password due to the information just may get me in trouble so most of my sites are by invitation only. If you want to look deeper into Oregano go to and you will find thousand of studies done on oregano. Look at university study's that show e coli virus, bird flu, cold flu, aids, hepatitis c, all killed in minutes. So wake up, the word drug means dried plant and has been around since Christ. 


Other Oils I LOVE

almost as much as oregano

I have been diving into so many different oils after my oregano realization that I cannot get enough. I have replaced my life long (Italian family tradition) extra virgin olive oil with Coconut Oil. I use it on my eggs, on my Kale chips, quinoa salad and every place I have the chance to use it. I can get into the benefits of it but that can take all day so trust you all know how to google. I just want you to see how it can be applied in your life by watching how I use these oils. Not only do I try to eat it every chance I get but I use it as a lotion. I love the idea of taking things in the body transdermally, just not a fan of the forced daily fluoride shower I take. But that aside I rub coconut oil on as a lotion, put away the beeswax, just rub it on and get it in you. I do a full body rub after my daily sauna. I scrape it in hard even to the point where I bruise. The bruising stops over time as the blood now flows to new areas it has never been. I do not do it all the time because it gets expensive but at least once a week. I find that the body absorbs it faster after I sweat all those toxins out. A little secret of mine is that I put of few drop of essential oregano oil and jojoba oil in and mix it up. Just to give you an idea of how powerful transdermal absorption is.... when some one is literally dying of thirst you do not have them drink water because the body will not absorb it as fast as if you would put him in a bath tub, then his body will drink through his pores. FYI, I scrape my skin hard for the soul purpose of opening my pores and getting the toxins out of my skin. If youu do not sweat easy in the heat you may want to consider the possibly of how many pores are clogged. I can go into deodorant and how bad it is that the aluminum plugs your pores but I trust you can research that. Think about that so next time it rains do not be so scared to soak it up, get wet, probably the cleanest shower you will ever get. Hemp Oil tastes amazing on cold salads and I like the fact that it is green. Grape seed Oil is amazing but I only use it to give the girls a massage ;-). Olive Oil (FYI:I do not cook anymore with olive oil), I mix with coconut oil and 1 drop (any more will sting) of oregano and use it as a lip balm. Truffle oil taste so good and lately I have been playing around with infusing oils with herbs. In my youth I remember seeing these bottles of oil with all these weird things it it like lemons and parsley and wondered why they do not use them. I figured they were made for decoration, I wish someone gave me a lesson on it when I was younger. So at the end of the day look at your oil do some research on it. There are a lot of bad oils too like canola, corn, soy etc. These are known to become rancid after cooking at high temperatures and can have health repercussions. Also make sure your oil contains no genetically engineered ingredients, and that it's free of bleaching, deodorizing, refining or hydrogenation.Love you guys, I hope this helps someone. Your friend LooTz signing off for the night. 


Big coconut oil fan myself and I have just started to get into essential oils like you are talking about. For example, if you are having sinus issues put a few drops of peppermint oil on your hands and then inhale. Ahhhhh - so refreshing. I really think essential oils are going to explode in popularity at some point, especially as more research comes out. And im not some oil salesman that's going to push an affiliate link on you!

I agree, I use the peppermint oil when I am in the sauna or on my chest when I workout it helps me breathe better. As people look towards more alternative ways to heal themselves other then antibiotics and steroids they will find themselves going back in time to when essential oils, tonics, tinctures were the way to heal all ailments.

Let's hope so!

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