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The Real Painless Day For Me Is In The Afterlife

I am always thankful if I am not experiencing lingering pain like for example my rib injury that I had a few weeks ago is now had an improvement and to that alone I am very grateful that it went away at least not to bother me much anymore so I am taking care not to really sneeze because sneezing just hurts me particularly with ribs, it is terrible when that happens.

Then of course the lingering back pain which I was complaining a year ago and most of the last year although not completely gone it had some great progress. Well it has to because I am medicating it with an expensive medicine which I could not afford if not from the help of steem community, may God bless you all.

My life has improved greatly because of my medicine although again but without a cost because for one thing it had made my appetite very, very poor and I am also having a worry that it will soon give me another type of illness particularly to my liver because the scent of my medicine is very pungent, no wonder that I am having a lot of issues about my appetite which is hard because I am also trying to gain weight.

Pain Is Just One Of My Health Concerns

I have tried ways to make me try to eat well or give my body calories but it is a failure. I could not eat that much anymore, I am easily satiated and even if I could eat more I would get the guilt afterwards because the toxins it creates in my body doesn't make me feel well not to mention adding breathlessness as well.

But I have to sacrifice my enjoyment or at least ability to have an appetite just to save myself from bothersome misery of having to deal with pain in my back as well as joint pains but I sure do am missing a lot in my life and it is maddening but I have to still fight just to stay afloat and keep my head from going under the water. May God help me.

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