Life Update: Finally Out of the Hospital!

in #health8 months ago

Hello everyone, a bit of a Life update. I came in contact with someone with covid, so I had to quarantine. During the quarantine was feeling sick so went to urgent care they said had bronchitis. They gave me antibiotics for it, so by the following Tuesday, I can finally go back to work. However, while taking this medication breathing got worse but, I was hoping by Tuesday medicine kick in and all would be well. However, when Tuesday morning came got sick and couldn't walk 3 steps without able to breathe. So I had to call out sick and couldn't get a ride to the local er. There I found out my bronchitis developed into ammonia and I also have covid. They had to transfer to Christana new ark Delaware hospital. So been in the hospital for few days, I got steroids to help me breathe now so hopefully, I can fully recover at home this time. That was not a fun experience! Long story short I got sick but I'm on the mend so hopefully, I can be posting more soon!

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