Breathe More Deeply (Yes, You!)

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Breathe More Deeply

(Yes, You!)



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If we can manage to breathe more deeply, our health will improve drastically. By lengthening the breath, we activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which regulates the calming and rejuvenative processes within the body. This includes digestion & assimilation of nutrients, tissue repair, and general healing. It also helps maintain healthy hormonal balance. As well, it modifies the thoughtstream, smoothing out the ripples within consciousness and making us more mindful and less prone to snap judgements or rash decisions.


Practicing diaphragmatic breathing is a simple and very powerful tool for improving our life. Try it! It is not necessary to practice traditional seated meditation to deepen the breath. We can perform this during our everyday tasks. While you read the rest of this article, try slowing down the rate of your breathing and increasing its depth. By the time you reach the end of this short post, you will feel a little more calm and in control.

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Normally, we do not breathe very deeply at all. We often unconsciously take shallow sips of air that fail to fully oxygenate the body and brain. The breath only fills the top of the lungs in this case. Instead, breathe into the diaphragm, the very bottom of the lungs, as babies naturally do. The stomach should move outwards! We need to overcome the silly belief that we will appear fat if we breathe deeply. The stomach, lower lungs, middle lungs, and upper chest will all fill up and move outwards. As well, this will massage the inner organs, improving the function of a wide variety of of bodily processes.


Most everyone, even the most cynical, crave to reach for the stars and achieve incredible things, even if they are too scared to admit it to themselves or others. Keep breathing deeply and calmly as we discuss these matters. Many people do not allow themselves to entertain huge dreams because they are frightened of failure, or terrified of their potential. Others are worried that it takes a rare person, a "genius," or someone exceptionally gifted to really make an impact. They are concerned that becoming the best they can be is complicated, intellectual, and unusual. Nothing could be further from the truth!


All it takes is very simple things, such as slow, thorough breathing (continue doing this as you read!), getting to bed as early as possible and sleeping as much as needed, consuming a healthful diet, lying in introspection/ meditation each day while pushing the energy downward in a grounding and centering manner, and forming meaningful, healthy relationships that are mutually supportive. That is all it takes to become content, peaceful, and fulfilled in life! Do not pay any attention to the society which tries to convince you that you need shiny, sparkly possessions and complicated things to be happy. It is not true at all!


Thank you very much for taking part in this meditation on deep breathing. I hope you are feeling a little calmer & more peaceful than before you came to this post. I wish you all the best and want to let you know I am always here to support those who wish to take their health to the next level. As always, the choice is yours! I am @d-pend (#5693) in Discord, please feel free to reach out to me. Make it a great day!

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Did you breathe deeply while you read this post? How do you feel compared to before? Have you done deep breathing before or do you do it regularly? Let me know with a comment.

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B   R   E   A   T   H   E      D   E   E   P

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Man, @d-pend! I indeed feel more connected to my day through this meditation. I was expecting facts on deep breathing, which information you definitely provided. AND by the end I realized that I had entered a bit of a trance through your "guided word" meditation. I type in digital symbols now recognizing the calmness and elevated consciousness you've helped usher into my day! Wholeness Indeed!

That's great advice.
I have taped my mouth for two months while sleeping in order to get myself to breathe through the nose during sleep. It has helped me become aware of my breath while I am awake and coupled with some weight loss I now finally breathe through my nose while I sleep without tape. Scientific research shows that breathing through the nose is "deeper" because when we breathe through the nose we breathe in nitric oxide which is produced in our nostrils.

Nitric oxide helps to kill bacteria while breathing in and while the air is in the lungs. It also gets assimilated into our bloodstream where it improves blood pressure and helps to get the blood where it is supposed to be.

Once you start breathing through your nose during sleep you will feel much more relaxed after waking. It can be difficult in the beginning, but when you tape your mouth closed you will get used to it really quickly. You will also start to pay more attention to your breath while you sit and work and will start breathing through your nose more often which will help you keep concentration.

Another great example of how duct tape can fix everything.

Thank you for that bit on nitric oxide. I utilize & teach Breath as Medicine and I didn't have that detail about nasal breathing. I love learning something new every day here! And thank you for the laugh envisioning taping your mouth shut and what that must have been like! Quite resourceful...Cheers...:D

It may be slightly odd but it gets the job done :D
To be honest, I was a little worried that I might die, but the duct tape actually comes off very easily so that if you should randomly start suffocating because your nose closes you would actually just start breathing through the mouth because the coughing removes the tape.

Perhaps there is a better way to teach it to your patients though. I just tried to be cheap :D

Really? Hahahahaha! That is good to know! :D

Thanks for the insightful comment! I actually wasn't aware about nitric oxide being produced in the nostrils. That's really interesting. It's funny imagining taping one's mouth shut, but if it improves quality of life that's definitely worth it.

All that room allocated to the nose is not there for nothing ;)

Haha... for sure :)

Thanks for that added bit of information. Very interesting.

So this one time I was snacking and some food was on the verge of falling inside my lungs... Instead of panicking, I made a really deep exhale and the food dislodged... Don't remember whether I ate it or not though...

So that's how deep breathing saved my day.

That's certainly an unusual benefit of deep breathing, haha! I'm glad you're still with us in the land of the living :D

Thank your this post to reminds us to breathe deeply. I believe in the power of meditation and deep breathing but in the midst of the busyness of life and all the anxiety it comes with, it is so easy to forget this practice. It is a practice that requires constant reinforcement and thought which is why finding a time and place for meditation to breathe and reflect in ourselves and our surrounding becomes part of my practice. Your post did achieve your intention to encourage breathing deeply. I did find myself doing it while I was reading it

That's great to hear, and you're very welcome :) I agree that it can be quite challenging to remember to remain calm and breath deeply throughout the stress of daily life. Even more difficult is to stay in a state of meditation at all times. As you said, it's a daily practice that we continue with devotion and consistent reinforcement!

For me this is wonderfully true.

I have been a yogi for almost 10 years, and "learning to breath properly" was fundamentally transformational!

It's known in Yoga as Pranyama.

I can't recommend breathing work enough.
Now I can go all day deep breathing, and you can really feel the difference.

Right on, I have been practicing for around 6 years. It really does transform you on deep levels! Thanks for the support @dr00min.

Yes @d-pend I did breathe deeply while I read this and yes I felt calmer. I have tried it before and it always calms me. I need to remember to do this more often. :)

Yes it's hard to remember at times. Just notice when you start to get flustered/ worked up about something and let that be the reminder @violetmed. That always helps me :)

You are right, most of us take breathing for granted until we are reminded to stop, take a moment and breath deeply. Life has its ups and downs and we tend to get caught up in it. We keep pushing ourselves, never stopping to breath and heal. Thank-you for that wonderful reminded to stop and breath deeply. Have a great day d-pend! :D

You're welcome & I appreciate your comment. Hope you have a great one as well @cabbagepatch!

Wonderful elaboration on the power of Breath as Medicine @d-pend. What kind of healer are you? what modalities do you use? I am a Shadow Worker and I specialise in breath, food, and stories as Medicine...and I see you practice Poetry as Medicine as well!...Shine On...<3 <3 <3

I focus on grounding/ centering through breath, sound, and food. Also medicinal poetry/ writing. I'd love to get more into the narrative side of things! Thank you for introducing your modalities Lisa. My name's Daniel Pendergraft by the way. Pleased to meet you! Shine On!! <3

Wonderful! It's Rocksome to have net you BroStar Daniel! Shine On!!!...:D

Thank you for this breathing meditation post @d-pend! I feel my mind expanding when I breathe deeply. I find it super important.

Great comment, powerfully put! Thanks @m31

Will definitely try breathing slowly and deeply, this is woah I had no idea how this works

Great!! It really does work... try it... :)

Thanks for the reminder!

You are very welcome!

Thank you for reminding me!

You are most welcome :)

nice post my friend

Thank you @riostarr. Hope you have a wonderful day!

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