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RE: Jump into Keto! How to calculate your Macros Tutorial (PowerUp Challenge Post)

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I absolutely LOVED when i was keto!!!! the only ONLY thing i couldn't handle... i missed my watermelon!!!!!!!!!

but everything else??? was cake.

well - not cake. but..

actually i DID have amazing cake when i was keto too! hahahahaha it was seriously pretty bomb!

do you use sugar substitutes on it though??? i used Truvia - what do you think about that one @tamala?


Well Dreemie, I'm afraid I'm NOT a fan of Truvia because the erythritol in it is made from GMO corn - so that immediately disqualifies it for me. In addition, they have undisclosed ingredients listed as 'natural flavors' so I just vote no.

However, I DO really like erythritol as a substitute sweetener as you can read in my post about sweeteners here. The erythritol I currently use is Anthony's Premium Erythritol Sweetener available on Amazon.

In Peace, Love, and Health.

I'm considering going back to keto!!!! making some goals for this year :) and this might be one of them ! (seems like a good time since i do miss fruit but fruit will be out of season soon!)

i'll check out that erythritol for sure - thanks love! :)