I Defied the Mask Mandate and So Should You

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I visited 6 locations in my B.C. town today, without a mask, and without explaining or proving my reasons for exemption. From being threatened with the cops being called, to forging an understanding that will positively impact many people, here are my experiences.

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Mandatory mask order began yesterday. Here's my video about it, with important links included

Bonnie Henry (BC's health officer, aka pandemic response figurehead) announced the new lockdown and restrictions

The current science on masks from America's frontline doctors

The official mask mandate says "a person's restriction that prevents them from wearing a mask may not be physically noticeable to everyone" and urges compassion. I'm glad that was officially acknowledged, because so many people out there just follow what they're told. This kind of common sense isn't common anymore.

Even so, my experiences today were harrowing. A lot of people have it even worse than I do, and I feel really badly for them right now.



This is great. Great work man. We all need to do this. I haven't been as brave, just want to get in and get out of wherever I have to go. Where I live now we are forced to undergo a medical examination (temperature) to dine in a restaurant. I think this might be my breaking point. I have patronized my favorite places hoping they will stay open, and wear a mask only to keep them from getting in trouble, but if one of them tries to take my temp, I will tell them if they want to continue getting my money, they'd better not pull that trigger. If I am sick, I will stay home.
You've so got this right. It's methodical, it's deliberate. Thank you for not participating.

Thank you for doing what you can do! I appreciate your comments.