Would you Opt Out of ALL State Covid-19 Measures?

in #health2 months ago

Variations of this image went viral on Twitter (and other liberal hellholes) this week, mocking anyone not joining the mask, vaccine, lockdown, and great-reset agenda. The suggestion is that "paranoid conspiracy theorists", libertarians, and conservatives print it out, sign it, and carry it with them as a legal refusal of any taxpayer resources they might require as a result of not wearing a mask, not supporting the lockdowns, and so on.

But the joke's on them. I would gladly print out, sign, and carry that card at all times, if it had any legal meaning!

If only it were so easy! Wouldn't it be nice if it really was that simple to opt out? It should be, of course, but the reality is the state's plan is to force these measures upon the people who don't fall in line willingly.

Tens of millions of Americans and Canadians are completely against taking an untested vaccine to protect from a relatively-harmless bug, that most of us already had, for which the fear level has been driven up relentlessly by state media.

Most of us aren't against vaccines (or masks), we're just against being FORCED to accept vaccines (or masks).

Opting out with a simple signature card?!?

Don't tease!!



I am now 100% against vaccines, and 100% against mandatory mask wearing. Something is very wrong with the vaccine industry and we must stop all vaccinations now.

But hell yes I would proudly carry that card around. The last place I will go, if I do contract anything resembling covid, is to the doctor. So they can keep their treatments, all of them.

I like the way you think!
I was only 90% against vaccines, until FB and other big tech social media banned discussion on the topic about a year ago. I said "that's it, no need to debate or research anymore, we know vaccines are out of the question now".