#Flattenthecurve How the Proper Nutrition can Help during these times (COVID-19 Fight)

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I haven't felt much of a hiccup in my health. Do you want to know why? Before I tell you that let me fill you in on my current COVID-19 situation. For starters, I live in Las Vegas Nevada. THE tourist town of the world! My house resides in the hood. For those who don't know what a 'hood' is well, I'll tell you. It's the side of town where people give up on life and crime thrives. That means your drug dealer's, drug dealer lives next door to me. Lol, sounds a bit drastic but you get the picture. People are normally not clean on my side of sin city. But I've been doing my best to stay healthy inside, out, and now all around. I want to share this brand of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids with the world, now more than ever. This product is a huge factor in maintaining good health. I encourage everyone to surround themselves with negative ions (that means showers people), cannabis, all while staying away from junk food that destroys the body's endurance too. There is no price on your life. Be smart. Be health. Youngevity brand is 98% absorbance non-GMO supplements (taste best in a smoothie). Make the right call. When you do make the right call understand that I'll be donating 40% of my revenue to American veteran organizations such as American Legion, Patriot Clinics, and/or Veterans of Foreign Wars or other groups like them. My old word was to donate 80% and will return to that standard after the pandemic passes. Please use this code when signing up/checking out to help ensure my commission and the pledges it goes to:

Youngevity ID #101446840

Order here: https://youngevity.com/us_en/immune-support-top-picks.html

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