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RE: Between Vegans and Meat-Eaters, Which is the Healthier Lifestyle?

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Nice write up! It is cool to see research which is unbiased and presents both ‘arguments’ equally.

An Interesting point to mention about Body Mass Index, though. The way the BMI is calculated, it does not take muscle mass into account. So, for example, a person with more muscle mass, but, the same body fat percentage, will have a higher BMI.

I have 6.5% body fat, which is very lean, yet, my BMI shows am overweight male?

For this reason, we do not use BMI in sports studies, but, rather, BF %.

Vegans, often have a drop in muscle mass when adopting th diet. This may be the reason for their decreased BMI.

Its baffling why they chose to measure BMI in the study, when, body fat is clearly the metric of concern.


You are right on the BMI scale, some sports people like heavy weight boxers have a high BMI but they are in the best shape possible and healthy.
I think they used the BMI as a yardstick or just point of reference on their study as it is an already established standard.