What you always wanted to know about SMOOTHIES... Number 7

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7 - How do I save calories when preparing?

Homemade smoothies based on fruit or vegetables are naturally low in calories, especially green smoothies are unbeatably light. It is important to leave out higher-calorie ingredients, but above all to avoid sugar. Also bananas should not be used too generously by people who want to lose weight. Bananas make the smoothie creamy, but with 90 kilocalories per 100 grams they are also very energetic. So if you just want a really creamy drink, take crushed ice instead of bananas or avocado (quite oily). Nuts and dried fruit also provide unnecessary extra calories. If you don't want to do without sweetness at all, you can use coconut water instead of sugar. Coconut water is healthy, low in calories and sugar, does not strain the body and yet gives the drink a slightly sweet taste.

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