nothing much..... just a 10 min Plank!

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do it with me, or,

just watch and hope for me to collapse....

but let me tell you... you will not see me fail.

HEY DTUBERS!!!!! come along and do it with me. do you got what it takes? no? thats OK do it anyway cos in time your body will catch up to your willpower and thats when the real magic happens!
this is me meditating.

when i lose my focus. it gets harder, the body wants to quit, but who controls the body? me or the body?
the body is weak and the mind is willing. so you must keep control over your own mind and body...
cos we are human and we will always find excuses not to do something the hard way and try to find the easy way to do things.

in Fitness, there is no easy way, it always will be hard, and its only you who gets stronger.

ask questions in the comments. cheers and have a nice day. and if its cold, i wish you warmth. and if you are cold in heart i send you love to warm you a tiny bit.

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Wow! 2:33 was my best!!

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i hope you will soon achieve 5 mins you just have to hang in there!