Short n Sweet - 5 things that bring me wealth, health and happiness

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Recently I managed to achieve some big milestones in my life, they took decades to work out. In the end they seem quite simple, so I wanted to take a break from writing the Bio-Hacking series and share them here.

1 - When I follow people who create problems, I suffer, follow those who solve them and I prosper

I can not fight a war on war, can I demonstrate patience and try to understand another perspective before sharing a new one?

Maturity is the ability to set aside my own fears, delay my own gratification and see how I can help, before helping myself. Why? - because in doing so I discover all I really needed was to take the action of moving towards grace and away from scarcity. The scarcity was only ever in my mind, the grace was always there underneath. The action makes the choice real.

Choosing friends and mentors who demonstrate this kind of behaviour rewards them and reminds me how not too waste energy and hurt people.

If I am following a person or group who create turbulence and upset or harm people - then I must be attached to a story that justifies that behaviour. Am I holding that story for some personal advantage? Is there a deep fear I have not accepted?

** It's not all hippy dippy**
I still measure the effectiveness of a Mentors actions based upon their performance over time and their overall effect on the well being of themselves and others.

Find people like this and learn how to apply the skills they have. Focus on the ones you find interesting and practice will be play.

This ability to research and find people, who don't just agree with my agenda's but actually create lasting positive change has accelerated the benefits to my health, finances and relationships.

2 - When I experience for myself, understanding arises. When I believe without testing, I live in constant worry

The more attached we are to way things "ought to be"
the more find ourselves in conflict with "what is"

This is the cost of language - we fill up with opinions and labels for everything
These concepts will never quite match our reality, so the mind chatter never stops
Trying to work out how to change what is, to control -
all this keeps the emotions rolling in... then we try to control those also :)

Let go, drop the tension, sit with the sensation of what is
then start playing again...
It will all be over in about 80 years or so...dont take it too personally :)
everyone else is in the same circle
karma - bio feedback - reality - concept - reality - concept

or try to just stay with reality - through the senses
not the perceptions of the senses.

When we spend time in our senses, understanding of the patterns of motion around us becomes clear - we do not need to turn this into words for storage as it is in constant flow, and word memories are inadequate - skills are much more useful and a joy to apply.

To experience this clarity is to know gratitude, fear dissipates, until we start clinging or resisting.

3- To worry is to invest precious mental energy into manifesting more pain

The words in our head carry an emotional charge, they are either in agree-ance and gratitude with what our senses reveal or they are in resistance, attachment or denial.

The emotions of resistance change our biology, change our posture and our gesture, they alter our relationships and effect our life situation. Worrying creates the very thing we worry about, focusing on what we want with an energy or emotional charge that matches that result allows it to happen more easily.

** 4 - Energy spent in mindful movement heals. Energy spent in control harms**

Our brains use a tremendous amount of electrical energy transported as ATP. We can produce it from carbs or fats and as a last resort from proteins. Carbs have a very high oxidative footprint but most people enjoy their sweetness and crunchiness. Whichever you choose, use it well.

Control arises out of fear, fear of missing out is also fear, which is why the Buddha said suffering arises from craving.
So much graceless action arises out of control that was never actually required or enjoyed.

To return my biology back to a state of minimal baseline tension or maximin useful tension - time spent in movement practice that both demands and rewards graceful sensitive attentive motion is healing to the mind-body.

Bio feedback is karma without the stories.

5 - Thinking make it count

Thinking is incredibly expensive from an energy perspective but also on our relationships. When we are in thought, we are not present, not as situationally aware or sensitive.

Thinking is not bad, it is awesome, but that all depends on the emotions that arise out of it.

Like all things, more quality will yield the need for less quantity.

The more honest, kind and generous, (devoid of fear) our intensions are, the less we will need to think and the greater the benefit we gain from doing so.

So that we may return to play, the place where we truly gain resonance with intelligence.

Ok not so short, hopefully it was sweet

PS. Dan Larimer who made this platform and Bitshares, will release EOS in 4 weeks, It looks like he has the finest track record of performance over time within the crypto-sphere. He has been solving problems and walking away from ego battles and politcal control games.

This is an example of how finding great leadership can save a great deal of energy.

May your good deeds bring your great happiness



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