LEAFY GREENS – Do you really need to eat them?

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Because of their earthy, bitter flavour, leafy greens are often pushed to the side in favour of tastier vegetable alternatives. Even the health conscious among us have a habit of ignoring our small leafy friends.

While leafy greens may not be the most appetizing food, they contain a whole host of vitamins and minerals that you can't get in large quantities anywhere else. These include vitamins necessary for bone strength, muscle function, eye health, and immune function. Not to mention the cancer-fighting antioxidant properties.   


There are a few ways to make these gross leaves more appetizing: I recommend steaming or sauteeing to help mellow the flavour of the more bitter greens. Another good option is to blend them in a smoothie with lots of fruit or a bit of vanilla yogurt.   


Below I've listed some of the most common leafy greens, as well as their most notable benefits:   


  • high antioxidants (vitamin A, C, K) 
  • high in lutein, zeaxanthin (promotes eye health)  


  • high in folate (repairs tissues) 
  • high in vitamin A (improves immune function, skin & eye health)  

Swiss Chard

  • more vitamin K than any other green (strengthens bones, improves insulin sensitivity) 
  • high in iron (improves blood flow & immune system)  

Bok Choy

  • high in folate (repairs tissues) 
  • high in selenium (mineral that repairs liver, decreases inflammation)  


  • high in calcium (strengthens bones) 
  • high in natural nitrates (increases muscle blood flow – great for sustained exercise)  

Romaine Lettuce

  • potassium (an electrolyte) 
  • vitamin C (antioxidant, regulates blood pressure)  

Butter Lettuce  

  • vitamin A (immune function, skin & eye health) 
  • phosphorus (healthy bones & teeth)  

Iceberg Lettuce

  • high water content (hydrating) 
  • adds fiber  

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