(Pt.2) MEDICINAL BENEFITS OF ESSENTIAL OILS / DIFFUSER – Aphrodisiac, Clear Skin, Inflammation, Memory, Cognition

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In my last post we explored the medicinal benefits of using a diffuser in the home with essential oils Rosemary, Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus, and Lavender. Today, we explore four more essential oils and their respective medicinal benefits:   

JASMINE – Natural Aphrodisiac

A study published by the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Therapies found that jasmine essential oil was effective as a sexual stimulant with libido-boosting effects. Long used by aromatherapists in Africa, jasmine is often used in massage oils, candles, or vaporized through a diffuser. Other oils with comparable benefits include sandalwood and patchouli.   

Best times to use jasmine essential oil:

  • for massage 
  • for a libido booster    

Read more here   


ROSE – Glowing Skin

Rose essential oil has been a popular addition to skin care for thousands of years – and for good reason: A study published in the Journal of Pharmacology and Physiology found that the application of rose essential oil significantly increased skin hydration and the production of keratin (responsible for protection from damage / skin smoothness).   

Best times to use rose essential oil:

  • for dry skin 
  • for smooth skin 
  • for skin discoloration    

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FRANKINCENSE – Inflammatory Disease

In a study published by the Journal of Traditional and Complimentary Medicine, Frankincense was found to be an effective treatment of chronic inflammatory disease such as asthma, arthritis, IBS, psoriasis, and even cancer. Frankincense is a staple treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the Indian system of medicine.

Best times to use frankincense essential oil:

  • for inflammation 
  • for auto-immune disease 
  • for chronic-inflammatory disease  

Read more here


PEPPERMINT – Memory / Alertness

A study published by the International Journal of Neuroscience found that aroma of peppermint impacted aspects of cognition. In a randomized study, participants exposed to peppermint essential oil exhibited enhanced memory and increased mental alertness compared to control.   

Best times to use peppermint essential oil:

  • when studying 
  • when working 
  • when reading a book  

Read more here


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