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A common question that pops up during a road trip or long commute is why do I feel so tired? I've been sitting the whole time, I couldn't have expended that much energy right?   

The thing is, sitting in a chair is not the same as sitting in a car. As the car moves forward, g-force is exerted on the body, and we are moved from side to side. In order to balance ourselves and remain seated upright, our body is contracting and releasing muscle fibers. Sitting in a car is a dynamic action even if you can't see it from the outside.  

To make things worst, because we are in the same position for a long period of time, the same muscles are being used and exhausted. This is coupled with poor circulation as our legs are bent at an awkward angle.   

To help reduce some of the fatigue, is helps to get out and walk around every so often. This gives the muscles an opportunity to relax as different muscles take over. It also helps to increase blood circulation and bring some energy back into the muscles.   

If driving for a long period, make sure to open the windows to decrease the chance of falling asleep behind the wheel.

For more information on drowsy driving and some helpful tips, check out this infographic:   


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