How To Take Care Of Your Teeth On a High-Fruit Diet

in #health4 years ago (edited)

In this short video, I'll explain some of the things that it's useful to be aware of concerning dental health and fruit.
The basics are the same as in any diet, brush your teeth and floss your teeth. (especially after eating some fruits)

However, there are some things you want to avoid to make sure your teeth stay healthy and strong....

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This is a great video; I learned new things :) i am already vegan for 4 years and i am so happy to find a new member who post about fruits and veggies 🥗😝

I never drink pre made fruit juice who knows what other nasties are in there besides the un ripe fruit, what happens if u brush before eating citrus? one thing r u using natural stuff to brush teeth like coconut oil etc? ive read fluoride is nasty stuff

Damn, my teeth needed this video. I had to switch to an organic toothpaste as the others were ruining my teeth. My bones are brittle so I have to take much extra care.

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