Hospitals in the Unied States are ripping people off! Corrupt healthcare system...

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Hi everyone, 

Up to $800 dollars for an IV bag? That's right!  Here in the United States we are facing  a serious problem that is very unlikely to be resolved anytime soon. In case some of you didn't know, American healthcare  is not the best in the world but it is the most expensive. I would like to briefly talk about this problem that many are facing today. 

  "Hospital charges represent about a third of the $2.7 trillion annual United States health care bill, the biggest single segment, according to government statistics, and are the largest driver of medical inflation, a new study in The Journal of the American Medical Association found." Source Credit

" A typical in-patient stay in a hospital is about 5 days, and that may cost you over $10,000.This figure does not include major procedures, ambulance fees, or other charges." Source Credit 

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26 years old  Deepika Singh had gashed her knee and the three stitches she received at the  California Pacific Medical Center's emergency room cost her $2,229.11. And, Orla Roche, a toddler that had split open her forehead on a table after tumbling from a couch had her forehead sealed with a dab of skin glue for $1,696.  (Source Credit)  

    "At Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, Daniel Diaz, 29, a public relations executive, was billed $3,355.96 for   five stitches on his finger after cutting himself while peeling an avocado.  At a hospital in Jacksonville, Fla., Arch Roberts Jr., 56, a former government employee, was charged more than $2,000 for three stitches after being bitten by a dog. At Mercy Hospital in Port Huron, Mich., Chelsea Manning, 22, a student, received bills for close to $3,000 for six stitches after she tripped running up a path. Insurers and patients negotiated lower prices, but those charges were a starting point." (Source Credit) 

Ridiculous pricing 

  • Tylenol - " Charge to patient: $15 per individual pill, for a total of $345 during average patient stay" Source credit

  •  Neck brace -  that is worth around $20 dollars, you will be charged more than $150 dollars in the hospital.   Image Credit

  • IV bag -  that costs less than $1 dollar, you will be charged more than $130 in a United States hospital.  Image Credit

  • Alcohol swab -  "$23 per swab, for a total of $322 during average patient stay." Source Credit 

  •  Overhead light - Patient gets charged $93.50 dollars for the cost of using overhead light in operating room.  Source Credit 

  • " Charge for nurse to hand you medicine taken by mouth Charge to patient: $6.25 per instance, for a total of $87.50 during average patient stay" Source Credit  

  • Cup for medicine - " Cost is for the plastic cup used to administer medicine, not the actual medicine inside it Charge to patient, per cup: $10, for a total of $440 during average patient stay" Source Credit

  • Gloves - " Charge to patient: $53 per non-sterile pair (sterile are higher), for a total of $5,141 during average patient stay " Source Credit  

  • Patient belong bag - " Like a grocery bag, to hold your personal items Charge to patient: $8" Source Credit

The list goes on and on...

Health care 

Unlike America, nearly all European countries have a universal health care system. And, many other countries including, Russia, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Cuba, South Korea, North Korea, and the list goes on... click here to find out more. So if you visit a hospital in Europe or any of those countries that I listed your costs will be zero. 

Personal experiences 

My father was in a hospital for a broken leg in Germany and the taxi that took him to the hospital did not charge him anything, the  hospital paid for the ride. And on top of all that he was treated exceptionally with no cost at all. 

A good friend  in England had a car accident and had multiple serious surgeries with zero charges. 

My personal experience 

Now I understand that the universal health care is not free and that everyone is paying for it by having wages being deducted from everyone's paychecks but at least there is no 3rd party such as insurance companies to scam people and inflate the prices in the hospitals.  I my self had a surgery (septoplasty)  on my nose for a correction of a deviated septum in Bulgaria (Europe). Since I was outside the country for a long time I did not qualify for their universal coverage and I had to pay out of pocket and it only cost me $500 dollars. I had to stay 5 days in the hospital for supervision because I had excess bleeding. I received exceptional service when I was  in the hospital. It has been more than 5 years since then and I have been very satisfied with the results.  If I had done the same surgery in America I would have probably paid $15,000 dollars just to the surgeon alone and if I had staid 5 days in the hospital and if you have read my post so far, you can only imagine how expensive everything would have been. 

I remember when I was a kid going to the Emergency room in Florida. I was not feeling well and my parents took me there and I received just some basic blood tests and x-rays and nothing more. I was fortunate to have had insurance through my mom's policy and yet the bill with the insurance was over $1000 dollars. And I was at the emergency room for no more than 3 hours. So, yea... 


Here is a really brief cool video where Adam summarizes some of the information that I have mentioned.

Here is also a video from Bernie Sanders agreeing with President Trump on healthcare 

And if you haven't already, I will also recommend you to watch "Sicko" a documentary movie  by Michael Moore where he talks more about health care in the United States compared to that in other countries. 


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The only thing government can do to lower healthcare costs is to deregulate. Anything else is a wealth-redistributive scheme.

I feel like regulations are mostly in favor of those with big pockets that want to make their pockets even bigger by bribing politicians and other influential figures . I think regulations should only be there to stop immoral and unethical things and that's it.

Say no more! :)

That's not that much.

It is all about profit, did you know oncologists actually receive incentive bonuses for prescribing certain chemotherapy drugs. The healthcare industry is in the business of keeping people sick not curing sickness, it's very sad.

Yeap, they do get bonuses. It's all about profit with the health industry as you said and so is the Prison industry (where they try to keep as many people locked up for profit), the military and weapon industries (cause wars to sell their weapons), food industry (where they poison our food with all kinds of garbage just to make money), automobile industry (where instead of making durable cars with gold metal sensors , they use cheap plastic material), the list goes on and on. Basically our economy is based on profit and greed instead of effective and efficient progress that will help lead us humans forward...

generation, thanks for the updated information. As an American travelling in Paris, I had to see Doctor at Charles Degalle Airport. I was suffering from a bleeding Sinus infection from a cold, The care was outstanding and the costs very reasonable. A lot lower than visiting emergency in the US for the same care. I got on the plane and headed to Heathrow Airport in London all cured....

The good thing is, if we don't have an emergency situation we can always buy a plane ticket and go overseas to get treated and even if the plane ticket is over $1500 dollars it will still probably be cheaper :)

This might be your best post yet. This topic should get much more media coverage that it does currently. I thin the media in the US are more concerned with reporting what Donald Trump tweeted at 2am rather important issues that effect everyone soon or later.

I know bro, the issues will not be fixed because they don't want to fix them. They people that are in charge love it the way it is. So sad...

ill bring my own gloves haha

I have three children one of them got really sick when she was around 8 years old, the costs were ridiculous. We had insurance but was still stuck with over $350,000 in medical bills. Took forever to get out of that debt or so it felt like forever.

Wow, that is insane! This needs to change but I am afraid that greed and evil is prevailing :(

What really is insane is that when modern medicine failed and I started doing research on my child's condition I found a cure in nature, the cure cost me $30 So now I just use doctors to get diagnosis then I research natural treatments. Many countries use this as first line of treatment for patients in their country

It is why I rarely go to doctors I think mostly it is a scam

I agree. I think mainly surgeries are good and everything else is treated by nature. And sometimes problems can even be cured without surgery.

I'm allergic to bee stings and must carry an epipen to literally save my own life. They have gone from $100 to $600 recently. it costs about $3 to make.

So what is causing this run away price gouging?

1)malpractice insurance. It is high because America is one of the most litigious countries on earth. Say I got an infection from using an epipen. I would wager I'd get at least $10,000 if I sued.

2)Corporate profit motive and excessive executive compensation. in the Medicare program about $.03 out of every dollar goes to administration costs. For private health companies that is $.34 of every dollar.

So what my solution? We euthanize the private healthcare system. Extend Medicare to medicare for all and then limit malpractice to actual losses(cost incurred plus loss of wages).

If you think we can't afford that we already spend twice per person on total healthcare cost compared to countries like the UK and Japan and have worse outcomes( meaning we die sooner). No country that has instituted single payer has repealed it because it works.

Yea there are too many 3rd insurance companies(that need to be eliminated) that are scamming people and it should be only 1 government insurance .

Holy fuck that sounds ridiculously overpriced... just to melk the poor customers in need for health care... :/

At least that's one positive thing here in Germany... you won't be broke after a stay in the hospital!

My parents lived in Germany from 1990 to 1992 and they loved it there. My dad has never stopped talking about Germany ever since then :)

I have a poker friend who was stationed in Germany while he served in the Air Force. After he retired, he and his wife immediately moved back to Germany. I think the notion that America is the best country is starting to erode...

Every country has propaganda to make their people feel like they live in the best place but as far as Germany goes it really is an amazing place to live in.

It is so true. Between the insurance companies, big pharma, and the hospitals and doctors, we don't stand a chance. They go unchecked and bleed us dry. It's terrible that the quality of care you receive is based on how much you can pay. Upvoted, resteemed, and followed :)

I'm glad to see posts like yours addressing the issue. I only hope the United States will eventually do something about it.

Very interesting article. I am an older person and, evidently, when one reaches a certain age in the state where I live in the USA you must get checked by a doctor in order to continue to drive. I went for the appointment and, since he was a specialist and does that type of checkup and I had not had to see him before, he asked me a few questions and said he would have to write my primary doctor, who had already told me his office didn't do a checkup for driving. He wrote my primary doctor and got my records and sent me a bill for over $300. I am on a fixed income and that seemed really over the top to me for the service provided.

For me that is pure racketeering! Taking hard earned money from desperate people by doing almost nothing...

Great content @generation thanks for sharing

Mate, I had not idea it’s this bad – those are some truly ridiculous charges you’ve got there!

Yea man , it's sad...

I don't understand why USA can't provide an universal healthcare. It's the only developed country that don't have one. Health should not depend on how big your paycheck is.

You would be surprised how many people would disagree with about the paycheck part .

I know ... till they get really ill and must pay hundert thousands of dollars or more. Last month I got a patient in the hospital... he was in in the USA to visit his son and get some heavy neurological symptoms because of his brain cancer he book immediately a flight back to Germany. I asked him why... his answer was because he don't want to leave all his money there for the same therapy.

If things start to get worse here I have seriously considered moving back to Europe.

It's ridulous, going though this right now w/ my husbasnd, when your sick, these bills don't make it any better, they are seriously ripping people off, Dr. in ER gave my husband things the regular doctor even said he didn't need and had removed....but bet we will pay for the UN necessary things anyway...just so unfair! Good read thanks

I know right, I am glad that I am not the only one thinking that this is ridiculous.

It really is crazy and the cost to have insurance is skyrocketing. The entire system is a mess and it may never be fixed. It also doesn't help when people call for ambulance just because they haven't been to the bathroom in a few days. True story.

LOL " calling ambulance for not going to the bathroom" yea the costs are insanely high and everything is a big mess...

I agree about our health care systems taking advantage. I do believe they should be deregulated. Just don't ask me to watch anything by Micheal Moore! You made the point much more eloquently. Thanks . 🐓🐓

haha I won't ask you to watch Micheal Moore. I am glad we are on the same page though :)

What a relief! The overhaul and stall is being felt by everyone. Sure makes me appreciate transparency. 🐓🐓

In the US we live in a SICKcare system and NOT HEALTHcare. It is not about making you healthy but making you dependent on their system.

something has to change. I agree


That's pretty alarming, a place that's suppose to be based on helping others is really ripping people off at a time when they're most vulnerable.

I know right, it's very very sad :(

This post is a real eye opener. I'm from Australia and I feel our healthcare is actually pretty good. We are understaffed in our hospitals and we have long waiting periods through the public system sometimes, but at least you have that option. My mum had cervical cancer and had to have a full hysterectomy. She didn't have to pay a cent for her hospital stay or the operation or anything. I had a blood clot in my lung while I was pregnant and wasn't charged anything in hospital and got seen right away. And my medication was only $6 every 3 months. Yes we pay for in taxes but to me it's worth it. The worst thing would to have a life threatening illness and then have to worry about the expenses for treatment.

Thank you for sharing your experience @justice4! A lot of people in America think that the system we have is the only way that works and they think that systems outside America are failing. And you are clearly showing us that there are better systems that do work!

Yes for sure! We do have to pay for things outside of the public system for example we pay for dental, but our health insurance is relatively good as well for covering those things. We also pay for ambulances unless you have it covered in your health insurance. But if you have no insurance at all you can still visit a hospital for free so definitely a lot more successful than america's healthcare. Not perfect but definitely better!

The cost of a fear driven lawsuit culture.



Nothing capitalist about it.

I'm not saying I agree with it. Most hospitals in the US are private companies. Because of this, they look for profits and therefore are able to create their own prices.


You should blame insurance driving the prices up more than anything. If you know people have insurance, you can put prices up.

I think pretty much everything in the United States is private :D

@Dan, put a profile picture on mate :)

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All depend on government.
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