Top Three Tips To Beat Diet Cravings

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Top Three Tips To Beat Diet Cravings

Losing weight can be hard. You'll face many challenges on your journey. One of them, that faces everyone, is cravings. I don't mean just feeling hungry, I mean really really wanting something that you know you don't really need or want to eat. But you can't stop thinking about it.

Here's my top three ways to beat cravings!

1. Don't Go Hungry

Not eating enough is one of the most commonly recurring problems I see when people are trying to lose weight. If you were staying around the same body fat while eating a metric tonne of food, then just start eating five or ten percent less than you were. Don't start eating less than an average pet rabbit.


Getting a huge salad in with lunch today

Eat plenty of food, at regular intervals, so you don't go hungry. If what you're eating contains less calories and more nutrients than what you were eating before - you'll still lose weight. If you're starving hungry then you're taking things too fast and are eating too little.

2. Get Plenty of Sleep

When you're tired, your body craves junk food. You know why? Because refined carbs, sugar and fat contains loads of energy. That's fast release energy just waiting to be consumed. If your tired, you'll crave all of that fast releasing junk food.


Bed... my bed

Getting enough good quality sleep will help you fight off those cravings, recover faster and train better. Not to mention all of the other wondrous things that sleep does for us. Perhaps I'll do an article on that soon!

3. Clean Your Teeth

I have no idea why this one works. But if you're feeling like eating something that you know you don't really want - you're just craving junk - clean your teeth. Cravings go away instantly. I actually did a poll of all of my clients, asking them how they reduced or beat cravings. Ninety percent of them said that they cleaned their teeth!

Try it out. Anytime of the day, if you feel a little craving, just do your teeth!


I keep toothbrush and toothpaste at work now too to beat my cravings!

If you've got any other tips for beating food cravings - I need to know them :) Please share!

Yours in health,
Coach Ben @coachben


Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.
Helpful information.

Love that - many people find it hard to find time to eat well because they are so busy with work/business. If they viewed it more like making investments, it might help! Thanks for the great metaphor :)

A simple and useful post

I'm glad it was helpful!

Brushing teeth is a creative way to beat cravings, thanks for that idea. I would add drinking a lot of water and also eating foods that sit well in the stomach as well as fill it up (similar to your first point). Thanks for the post!

I like the water idea @jspots. Eating a lot of vegetables, for example, would also fill you up! Let me know how you get on with the toothpaste

It happens every time you start a diet ... Cravings mean that the body is missing something, I think drinking plenty of water or eating more protein can work.

Especially if the body and taste buds have been used to lots of sugary food!

You're right!

Hi, the third tip came as a surprise and i am definitely going to try it out. Thank you very much. Because of people like you, i get to learn every day.

Let me know how it goes! It's great to always learn new things everyday

Sure thing

One of the best is: DRINK YOUR WATER! People often confuse thirst for hunger. So instead of drinking water, they eat.

A good rule of thumb is to have at a minimum half an ounce of water per day per pound of body weight with the goal to build up to an ounce. Yes, you'll know where every bathroom is but you'll also be a lot healthier.

@cryptochain, really good point. So easy to confuse thirst with hunger. My mum used to always make me drink a pint of water when I was a kid before I was allowed to eat anything between meals.

@healthysquad I love the clean teeth tip! I can imagine that does work. I am not overweight, but I still tend to over eat. I might give this a go!

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Amazing post


Your experience is great, I am proud to see your post that is so classy .. Sometimes I think want to like you but I can not make a post like you .. very genius in that case .. I am amazed at your intelligence.

Thank you for your kind words :)

Thank you for this info

You're welcome, thank you for reading!

The first point of your content is the one haunting me , i feel satisfied after having my meal but after 2-3 hours i would feel hungry and i can't control myself in stopping junk food entering my stomach .
-As a result my stomach is getting ruined .
-I would practise the point you said and i would hope that it works on me :)

@jspots commented with a good idea - drinking a lot of water. Perhaps this can help you between meals too so you don't feel hungry.

Verry good

Thanks for the comment!

These are great tips! They are all so important! I think keeping your mind off of food and staying busy can help. But not too busy where you skip meals and eat a huge dinner! If I don't get enough sleep I notice weight gain. Cleaning your teeth is important for your health and diet!

Hello, today I started eating better and exercising to lose weight. And those tips I like very well. It's true, cleaning your teeth works. Hehehe

I'm skeptical on #3 but gonna try it anyways. I chew gum when I'm chompy and have no snacks around; its also minty, so maybe it's something in the mint?

Liked your article! I didn't know about 'how sleep and tired mood affect this cravings' but it was really good to know. The one with 'cleaning your teeth' its works for me too! :)

Thanks for your tips. I have a challenge on sleeping early. I am aiming to sleep earlier to improve my health.