Frequent Urination In Men: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

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Frequent Urination In Men: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

Frequent urination in men is nowadays very common and very sensitive problem. Sometimes women use to ignore the frequent urination but it is seriously harmful to you. Because this problem may further lead to infection in a bladder and sometimes it may also create bladder stone which is very painful and sometimes you have to go through a surgery also. Let us study more about Frequent Urination In Men: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment. Nocturia is sometimes very disturbing because you have to get up in between your sleep. There are some physiological as well as hormonal changes that lead to the problems that are related to Frequent urination in men. So you should always consult with your doctor.

What is overactive bladder?

overactive bladder (OAB) could be a comparatively common condition. Symptoms the show overactive bladder is very frequent urge to urinate, frequent evacuation at night and sometimes excretory product leak.

A calculable thirty-three million Americans have OAB, reports the urogenital medicine Care Foundation, and as several as thirty % of men expertise symptoms. It’s attainable that even a lot of men have the condition, however ne’er get facilitate. If you think you have got OAB, ask your doctor. There square measure a spread of treatments choice which will facilitate.

Symptoms of Frequent Urination In Men (OAB)

frequent urination in men
Several symptoms square measure normally related to OAB. You may have all the symptoms and sometimes you face only one of them.

OAB will cause overactive bladder pressing to have to be compelled to urinate. You may have to be compelled to urinate up to eight times each day. You may conjointly expertise nocturia, or the requirement to urinate a minimum of doubly night long.

One of the common symptoms of OAB is enuresis. This happens once the urge to urinate is thus sturdy that you simply can’t manage it, inflicting excretory product to leak before you create it to the toilet. This inflicting excretory product may occur when you laugh, sneeze, exercise or when you have an aa cough.

OAB and your prostate

Among men, several cases of OAB square measure caused by overactive bladder enlarged prostate. When your developing age you may feel your prostate might get larger. inflicting symptoms of OAB, it will block your flow of excretory product.

In the study of a national association for continence, By the age of 60, up to 50% of men expertise symptoms of overactive bladder. A walloping 90 % of men expertise symptoms by age 80-85.

Some of the causes of Frequent Urination In Men:

OAB infection may be caused by the infection within the bladder, bladder stones, or bladder cancer. However, there are certainly other factors also that cause OAB infection. Medicine conditions, cherish a stroke or Parkinson’s illness, may also result in OAB due to nerve harm that ends up in causing incorrect signals to the bladder.

If you drink too much of liquid in a day especially that contains caffeine or alcohol the risk of having OAB infection increases. Also if you take medicines that increase excretory product output or in case of constipation may expertise overactive bladder to pass urine.

Diagnosis of Frequent Urination In Men (OAB):

frequent urination in men
Your doctor may consult you a radical physical communication, If you’re experiencing symptoms of OAB, you’ll conjointly seemingly have to be compelled to have your excretory product tested to seem for signs of infection or stones. Your doctor might also offer you any of the many offered tests that appraise the functioning of your bladder.

These embody measurement what quantity excretory product is left in your bladder when aiming to the toilet, a measurement of the speed of flow once you urinate, and measurement the pressure in and around your bladder. Supported check results, your doctor will offer you a thought of identification and discuss your treatment choices.

Treating OAB with manner changes

If you’re diagnosed with OAB, your doctor can seemingly suggest manner changes. The advice which they will give to you is:

You should always stick to your restroom schedule and you should always keep a check on your everyday should plan your diet. To manage leaks you should use absorbent should always keep a check on your weight.

This routine would help you manage the system of the bladder work correctly and in routine. This may assist you to learn to delay urinating once you feel the urge to travel.

Important Medications:

Along with the change in habits, your doctor would suggest you some medication which will help in quick recovery. If your OAB is caused by overactive bladder enlarged prostate, alpha blockers will facilitate relax the encircling muscles to boost your excretory product flow. A different medicine may also facilitate treat symptoms of OAB, as well as medicine that scales back spasms in your bladder. These medications will facilitate scale back the urge to urinate.

Stimulation of nerve:

nerves in your body pass some inappropriate signals to your bladder once you develop OAB in your body.your doctor may use nerve stimulation to control the problem.

During this treatment, your doctor may place a device near your tailbone beneath your skin. This device will accordingly deliver electrical impulses to nerves running to your bladder. sort of a pacemaker in your heart, these impulses can facilitate management your bladder contractions. The device is often removed simply and the treatment is reversible.


If the symptoms of your OAB infection becomes very severe and can’t be controlled through different treatments, you would have to go through a surgery or as suggested by your doctor. If your OAB is caused by overactive bladder enlarged prostate, a physician will take away a part of the organ. Your doctor will assist you to perceive the potential advantages and risks of this treatment possibility.