Top 6 Cinnamon Side Effect On Health Which Is Harmful

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Top 6 Cinnamon Side Effect On Health Which Is Harmful

Cinnamon is one of a spice which is found and obtained from the bark of the tree and it itself contains an elegant aroma in it. Cinnamon is having great health benefits as it contains medicinal properties, it is antioxidant, and it also helps to fight against heart diseases and many more problems. Here we are going to study about the Top 6 Cinnamon Side Effect On Health Which Is Harmful. And the amount of cinnamon which we can consume is good for health.

Here is Top 6 Cinnamon Side Effect:

1. Harms The Liver

Cassia or regular cinnamon helps in the supply of coumarin. It contains 5mg of coumarin per teaspoon (2grams), whereas cinnamon particularly traces amount of it.
The counseled daily coumarin limit is 0. 5mg/pound (0.1 mg /kg)of weight, this is the limit of per day for a person who weighs about 130 pounds(60kg).
Many studies have unfortunately found that intake of an excessive amount of coumarin could cause liver toxicity and can harm liver badly.
For example, a lady of nearly 73 years of age have been detected the liver infection that inflicted the liver badly, this happened due to an intake of cinnamon supplements for 1 week.

2. Chances Of Cancer Increases

Animal studies have shown that uptake an excessive amount of coumarin, that is galore in Cassia cinnamon, could increase the chance of bound cancers
For example, studies in rodents have found that uptake an excessive amount of coumarin will cause cancerous tumors to develop within the lungs, liver, and kidneys
The method within which coumarin could cause tumors is unclear.
Researchers believe that coumarin could harm badly if taken in excess amount regularly. Over time, the harm could cause healthy cells to get replaced by tumor cells, which can become cancerous
Most analysis on the cancerous effects of coumarin has been performed on animals, and a lot of human-based analysis is required to envision if an identical link between cancer and coumarin applies to humans.

3. It Increases the Mouth Sores

Some individuals have old mouth sores from uptake an excessive amount of cinnamon
Cinnamon contains cinnamaldehyde, a compound which will trigger associate allergy once consumed in massive amounts. Little amounts of the spice don’t appear to cause this reaction, as secretion prevents chemicals from staying in touch with the mouth for too long.
In addition to mouth sores, different symptoms of a cinnamaldehyde hypersensitivity reaction embrace tongue or gum swelling, a burning sensation and white patches within the mouth. These symptoms are not really serious essentially, they cause discomfort later. If you are allergic to cinnamon than cinnamaldehyde can cause mouth sores. You’ll be able to get checked for this sort of hypersensitivity reaction with a transdermal patch test
Also, mouth sores appear to principally have an effect on those that use an excessive amount of cinnamon oil and cinnamon-flavored mastication gums, as this will contain a lot of cinnamaldehyde.

4. It Could Cause Low glucose

If left untreated, it should result in polygenic disorder, cardiovascular disease and lots of different health issues.
Cinnamon is very well known for its ability to lower the glucose. Some of the major studies have gathered that space will minimize the consequences of insulin, a secretion which helps the blood to take away the sugar in it.
While uptake a touch of cinnamon could facilitate lower your glucose, uptake an excessive amount of could cause it to fall too low. This is often referred to as symptom, and it will result in fatigue, and presumably fainting.
People who are most in danger of experiencing low glucose ar those taking medicines for a polygenic disorder. This may often cause your glucose level to come at a very low level. Also cinnamon could chance the consequences of the medicine that lower the glucose level.

5. It Could Cause Respiration Issues

Eating an excessive amount of ground cinnamon in a very single sitting could cause respiration issues.
This is as a result of the spice incorporates a fine texture which will create it straightforward to inhale. Accidentally breathing it will cause coughing, gagging and create it arduous to catch your breath.
Cinnamon contains cinnamaldehyde may cause repriratiom problems.
People that have breathing problems must take great care and precautions if accidentally inhaling cinnamon. In case if you inhale cinnamon accidentally and you have any breathing problems than immediately take precautions.

6. Good for health with medication

Cinnamon is safe if eaten less with most medications. However, taking an excessive amount of is also a problem if you’re taking medication for a polygenic disorder, cardiovascular disease or disease. This is often a result of cinnamon can help in medication as and when required enhancing their effects.
For example, cassia cinnamon contains a high amount of coumarin. The high amount of coumarin cause liver toxicity and could be harmful if taken in high amount.
Medicines like paracetamol, Tylenol, and statins cause harmful effect on liver especially if you take a heavy amount of cinnamon then there is a possibility of liver damage.
Also, cinnamon could facilitate lower your glucose. Therefore if you’re taking medications for a polygenic disorder, the spice could enhance their effects and cause your glucose to fall too low.

These were all 6 cinnamon side effect which is harmful to your body.

Harmful Dry Cinnamon:

Nowadays dry cinnamon challenge is becoming one of the main causes of liver damage.many of us have tried eating the dry cinnamon in massive amount. These challenges are very dangerous because the dry cinnamon or the ground cinnamon has to be taken without water. Dry cinnamon causes throat and lungs severe problems. It may cause you to gag, choke or for good harm your lungs.
This is as a result of the lungs cannot break down the fibers within the spice. This implies it should accumulate within the respiratory organs and cause lung inflammation referred to as bronchopneumonia
If bronchopneumonia is not treated well at right time then it may cause major problems related to the lungs and sometimes collapse.

How much amount is safe?

cinnamon side effect

Cinnamon is mostly safe to eat and coupled to several spectacular health edges.
However, uptake an excessive amount of could cause probably dangerous aspect effects.
This principally applies to Cassia cinnamon as a result of it’s a chic supply of coumarin. Opposite of it cinnamon contains a good amount of coumarin.
But the fact is that cassia on an average contains 63 times a lot of coumarins than Ceylon.
0.5 mg per pound(0.1 mg per kg) of weight is the tolerable amount of coumarin that should be taken. This is the amount that does not affect the body especially lungs and throat.
It is approximately at least one teaspoon(0.5 to 2 gm)of cassia cinnamon per day. The higher amount to be taken is up to 5 teaspoons(5grams) of Ceylon per day only for adults but not for youngsters.

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I like cinnamon. I am very sorry to hear that it is bad for me. I will now have to be careful when adding it to my food and beverages. Thank you for the heads up and all of these important facts.