The fast-food consumption and its damage to health

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The change of lifestyle, life dynamic, long work schedules before the computers, fatigue, when returning after work at home, are factors affecting increasingly more in the consumption of fast-food.
Nowadays free time is reduced a lot and people do not have the opportunity to cook dish at home. To fiulfill the daily needs for food, people often choose something way easier, simplier and faster, that of the meals on fast food. But, are we are aware of damages that we are making into ourselves while eating these foods?

In Albania mostly and my birthplace in Kosovo, especially during the school period, high scool students and yonger generations consume to much of the fast food products due to the lack of time that they have in disposal and levels of sales in fast foods are incredibly high. In many studies made recently, young people say that are aware of damages in health, but again they see this way of feeding as fast and the most convenient in terms of aspect of time. Parents, in many studies, expressed that they always advice their children not consume such foods.

The first damage to health is overweight. Fast food consumption affects linearly in weight gain. This is the reason why today we are seeing more and more children and young people overweight, sometimes obese, because they feed on unhealthy foods.

The second health harm is the risk for young juvenile diabetes and type 2 diabetes in adulthood. Fast foods are the main factor influencing over time in lowering insulin levels in the body. If their consumption starts at very early age, the appearance of juvenile diabetes may occur for children of small age groups, while in the adulthood classical "diabetes", type 2 diabetes develops as a result of insulin resistance.

The third harm in health, according to a study done in London, is that of reducing the intelligence coefficient. The study included children who always consumed cooked food at home and children eating fast food foods. Located under the same conditions for a very long time, it was noted that children who ate healthy continued to have a high intelligence level, while fast food-fed children presented a lower level of intelligence than at the beginning of study.

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You are so correct, that's why I started out this month with watching what I eat and the calories I consumed, no more fast food, pops and junk food, so far it's been hoinh swell.

omg thanks sir for inportant info..and thanks for share..

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