Why Does Sea Water Help Us?

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We are almost at the end of the summer season and we can say for sure that this time the beaches are getting to the maximum. Indicators of this fact are heavy traffic on the streets of the country, the presence of many people at sea, and the fact that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a cheap freezer, especially if you go to the beach at noon. Every place is busy. But do we know the values ​​of sea water in our health?

Sea water contains 3.5% salt, so in one liter of seawater there are dissolved 35 grams of salt. In addition, in the seawater there is a small amount of magnesium, sulphate and calcium. The only thing that can not help sea water is the body hydration, but this is something very small that can be corrected with normal water consumption, before all the benefits we can have in health.

  • First, sea water cleans our skin. Its salts under sun radiation co-operate with cleansing and regenerating the skin. Black spots on the face, acne, psoriasis and many other pathological conditions can be eliminated with sea water.

  • Second, it helps strengthen the immune system. During swimming, blood red blood cells grow 5-20%, while white ones are still more likely to strengthen the immune system, especially in diabetes, immune-related diseases, or anemia when lowering white spots blood.

  • Third, sea water reduces anxiety and stress. Because it contains magnesium, which helps nourish the nerves, to all those who make a stressful life, it is recommended to go to the beach to calm down so they will not get medicines that normally have their effects side.

  • Fourth, sea water helps with lung problems. If you are suffering from asthma, cough or other lung related health problems, you should go to the sea and swim as you will manage your breathing well enough. On the other hand, the presence of salt in the sea helps in the removal of toxins and other elements that damage the lungs.

  • Fifth, vacationing in the sea helps to normalize problems with insomnia and depression. Since the sea helps normalize blood pressure and nerve apprehension, it will also help you sleep better and improve your mood.

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