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RE: How to help alleviate depression

in #health4 years ago

as a combat veteran of who had experienced several bouts of depression since i've been out of the military, I was taught that i must let go of trying to "combat" these symptoms of depression and instead accept them, be present with them, and lean in to the feelings and sensations. the act of combating for some(in my case) is highly destructive, and when we feel as though we want to destroy our emotions, we end up destroying our selves. that's why i always advocate love as the answer. i know it may sound cheesy, it's the truth! loving even that negative self-conscious side is always the best route, because then you can own it and it dissipates! in my experience the best way to over come those horrible feelings in the moment is to search for gratitude and express it in the present. Thank you. thank you.


that's fucking powerful. thank you for sharing, brother.